Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations 2007
recyclablesbintop72The Waste Management Packaging Regulations 2007 are designed to promote the recovery of packaging waste by imposing recycling obligations on all “Major Producers” who place packaging or packaged products onto the Irish market.

Producers of packaging are people who in the course of their business supply to others packaging material, packaging or packaged products. Major producers are people who place more than 10 tonnes of packaging onto the Irish market annually and have an annual turnover greater than €1 million (Hardware Stores and Pharmacies – turnover must be over €3.65 million).

All producers of packaging waste must take practicable steps to secure the recovery of packaging waste arising on their own premises. This would include packaging waste of goods consumed on the premises, timber pallets, drums, crates, plastic wrapping, cardboard boxes and other packaging on goods supplied to the producer

Under these regulations, your company can either join Repak (Tel: 01 4670190) or become Self Compliant with your Local Authority.

If your company is a major producer you are obliged to either:

(a) Participate in a packaging recovery scheme operated by Repak www.repak.ie


(b) Undertake self compliance with Monaghan County Council and fulfil certain conditions
Self Compliance (PDF)

Waste Management Act (Packaging) Regulations 2007 (PDF)