About Civil Defence

Members of Civil Defence bring their talents into the organisation. They learn skills in an active and resourceful group, which develops them and serves communities throughout the country.

It teaches life saving skills to its members: First Aid, Rescue, Firefighting, Radiation Monitoring, Crisis Counselling.

It forms teams of trained people to support communities: Stewarding Crowds, Searching for Missing People, Ambulance Duties.

When the weather strikes – we’re on duty! Emergency Feeding, Sand Bagging, Evacuation, Pumping Flood Water

When the environment is threatened – we’re there! Water Pollution, Clearing Oil from beaches, Finding Beached Cargo, Checking Radiation Levels

When a major emergency happens, we have equipment and trained people to work with the other services to save lives and treat the injured: Collapsed Buildings, Train Crashes

Cares for people evacuated from their homes: Hurricanes, Overflowing Rivers

Prepares and trains to help protect from nuclear contamination: Nuclear power station accidents, Nuclear war planning, Satellite re-entry

Provides self development programmes for members in a co-operative, supportive environment: Team Leadership, Event Management, Public Speaking.

Members of Civil Defence wear the International Civil Defence Badge to show they are part of a worldwide network of committed people prepared to serve in their own country or overseas as part of practical disaster relief assistance.