What is the Creative Ireland Programme?

Creative Ireland is the Government’s Legacy Programme for Ireland 2016. It is a five-year all-of-government initiative, from 2017 to 2022, which places creativity at the centre of public policy.

The programme has five pillars:

1. Enabling the Creative Potential of Every Child – A key objective of Pillar 1 is that by 2022 every child in Ireland will have access to tuition and participation in art, music, drama and coding.

2. Enabling Creativity in Every Community – The primary objective of this pillar is citizen engagement with their County Culture and Creativity Plans.

3. Investing in our Creative and Cultural Infrastructure – High quality infrastructure is critical for a vibrant arts and culture sector, and investment in this infrastructure underpins social cohesion and supports strong and sustainable economic growth.

4. Ireland as a Centre of Excellence in Media Production – The long-term objective of this pillar is to elevate the creative industries including: media, architecture, design, digital technology, fashion, food and crafts, fostering innovation in enterprise.

5. Unifying our Global Reputation – This pillar will involve many Government Departments, state agencies and local government in promoting our country on the international stage in terms of culture and creativity, striving to increase our influence in the world, with direct and indirect economic and social benefits.

For full details on Creative Ireland see: https://www.creativeireland.gov.ie/en

To find out what is happening in County Monaghan see  https://www.creativeireland.gov.ie/en/monaghan/?archive_year=2020#events

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Monaghan County Council Cultural and Creativity Strategy 2018-2022

Monaghan County Council has developed a five year Cultural and Creativity Strategy 2018-2022 in association with Creative Ireland. Our vision is to maximise opportunities for engagement in culture and creativity, to nurture our creative talent, whilst embedding the individual, social and economic benefits. Each year we wish to develop a programme of work/events which corresponds with one or more of the strategy priorities.

Download our strategy here: Culture & Creativity 5 Year Strategy 2018 2022 (PDF)

Cruinniú na Óg 2022

Saturday 11th June

Ireland is the first, and only, country in the world to have a national day of free creativity for children and young people under 18. Cruinniú na nÓg is a flagship initiative of the Creative Ireland Programme, a Creative Youth plan to enable the creative potential of children and young people.  For 2022, we are joining forces again with our colleagues in Cavan County Council and Local Arts in Education Partnership to deliver a diverse  programme of activities for children and young people to engage in.

For more information on our programme go to Creative Ireland Website

You can view and book many of our 2022 events now at www.monaghanlibraries.eventbrite.ie

or view the complete programme of events with our interactive flip book

Queries can be emailed to creative@monaghancoco.ie

So, there’s no excuse – get online, get creative and get sharing #CreativeIreland #CreativeMonaghan

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