Introducing Children to New Experiences
New Experiences.doc (Microsoft Office: , 484kb)

This list has been put together to help children prepare and cope better with a new activity or event like going to the doctor, going to the dentist etc. The storybooks explain ‘what comes next’ on an everyday outing and therefore reassure the child and encourage cooperation in each situation. By reading the book together at home and preparing a child for a new task or event, they can manage the stages more easily, ultimately reducing stress for themselves and those around them. May be useful for Parents of children with Autism.
Dealing With Divorce/Separation
Separation.doc (Microsoft Office: , 106kb)

This is a selection of books which can be used to introduce and explain Divorce or Separation to a Child. The Stories can help show that other children are experiencing similar situations.
Everybody is Different
Everybody is Different.doc (Microsoft Office: , 223kb)

A Selection of Titles which you can read with your child to learn about the similarities and differences between us all. This selection of books deals with the issue of Children with disabilities including physical and mental. It highlights to children that everybody is different but are still all children.
Dealing with Death
Dealing with Death.doc (Microsoft Office: , 97kb)

Death is a reality that children, like all of us, can learn to live with. Even before the death of a close family member occurs, parents can begin to introduce the idea of death as a part of everyday life. The 3 books listed here are only a sample of how books can help start this conversation. One looks at the death of a pet, the second looks at the circle of life and the 3rd takes a more factual approach.
Body Matters, Hygiene, Health & Illness
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This selection of titles looks at a range of body matters from Brushing your teeth to Where Babies Come from, as well as a range of common illnesses your child may suffer from. It also explores Smoking, alcohol & drug use. These books may be particularly useful starting point for Parents who want to speak with their Children about body & health issues.