A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Book No 5 The Austere Academy

A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Book No 5 The Austere Academy
Review for Book title: A Series Of Unfortunate Events book no 5 The Austere Academy

A series of unfortunate events is a series of thirteen books in total, I am writing about the 5th book because it is my favorite so far, in the first book it explains how there are three children, Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire. They are siblings, Violet is 14 and loves to invent, Klaus is 12 and loves to read and Sunny is a baby and has very sharp pointy teeth and loves to bite very hard things she talks gibberish and only Violet and Klaus can understand her.  Their parents died in a fire in the 1st book, so a man named Mr Poe who was a banker had been placed in charge of the Baudelaire’s affairs as their parents left behind an enormous fortune this turned out to be a lousy idea! A HORRIBLE man named Count Olaf tricked Mr Poe into thinking that he was a relative of the Baudelairs but all he really wanted was their enormous fortune! Ever since then he kept hunting down the Baudelairs whereever or whichever guardian they went to including Uncle Monty and his reptile room, Aunt Josephine and the Lake Lachrymose, a man whose name is not mentioned in Lucky Smells Lumbermill. They all didn’t work out because of Count Olaf and his associates!

Then they went to Austere Academy a boarding school, they met two other orphans names Duncan who liked researching and Isadora who liked to write poems, but because they didn’t have a parents signature they had to live in the orphans shack, which is a horrible place! Violet and Duncan went to Mr Remora who ate A LOT of bananas and in between bites he would tell the children short stories and every now and then they would have a test. Klaus and Isadora went to Mrs Bass who gave the children things to measure, and have a test every now and then, because she was obsessed with the metric system. The lives of the Baudelairs is not very pleasant , the Author said so on the book himself! Count Olaf always disguises himself so nobody will recognize him, in this book he is disguised as a P.E.Coach named Coach Genhis! The children are looking for a book that describes the tattoo on Olaf’s ankle and the secret organisation V.F.D.

I like the book because it is mysterious and exciting!
My Favorite character was Violet because i love her inventing skills!
The problem in the book was not solved YET!
I learned a lot of things from the book even if there was a difficult word the book would normally explain it.
I Give this book 5 stars of of 5 .


Author: Lemony Snicket

Illustrated by : Brett Helquist

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