Demon Dentist

Demon dentist
Review for Demon Dentist

Demon dentist is a horror story with a lot of made up words! It is funny and interesting. It is about a little boy called Alfie who hated the dentist because of a horrible visit when he was younger. Alfie’s dad was in a wheelchair and Alfie had to take care of him by himself. One day his dad fell and didn’t tell Alfie.  So a social worker named Winnie came to help but Alfie didn’t like Winnie. She even made him go see the dentist! Then a new dentist called Miss Root came to town and gave all the children what she called Mummy’s special sweets. She asked the children to call her Mummy. Then she gave Alfie a strange toothpaste that burned all your teeth off! But Alfie was too clever and threw it into the river then he met a girl called Gabz and they go on a BIG adventure and find the secret of Miss Root the dentist! It is a very good book that I would read again. I don’t think I would end it differently because the ending is very exciting! My favourite character is Winnie because she is very funny! My favourite part was when Alfie was running away from Winnie when he didn’t want to go to the dentist! I would give it a 5 out of five.

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David Walliams
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