Summer Stars 2020

Welcome to Summer Stars 2020

What is Summer Stars?

Summer Stars is the public library national summer reading programme for children that runs from the 15th of June until the end of August. All children throughout the country are invited to join the adventure and to enjoy the fun and pleasure of reading and writing over the summer. Summer Stars is non-competitive and every child who reads even one book is regarded as having completed the programme – and it’s all completely free!

Activities for Summer Stars 2020:

1. Summer Stars BorrowBox: Browse, borrow, read and listen to the Summer Stars collection of children’s e-books and e-audio books through the library’s BorrowBox service. This is free for all members to use from anywhere, anytime. Non-members can join online for free at

2. Online activities: Summer Stars storytime will be delivered by library staff and will include Virtual author visits, Creative writing, Illustration workshops & More!

3. Story Competition: As well an enjoying the amazing worlds of books, Summer Stars is also celebrating children’s imaginations by running a short story competition, An Unexpected Adventure. There are three age categories with great prizes for all the winners and runners-up.

4. Books: As public libraries continue to expand the services provided on a phased basis over the coming months, we will provide book lending services to children where possible. Please check with your local library if book lending services are currently available.

5. Online Quizzes: Check your local library social media and website for upcoming Summer Stars online quizzes.

How do I get started?

You can get started straight away by downloading & printing a Summer Stars Reading Challenge Card here:

Summer Stars Home Print

Or you can visit your nearest library to collect a card and pick up some books while you’re there!  As our libraries are only just re-opening to the public you might want to call up in advance to register so that a card is ready and waiting for you.  You can check the latest opening hours and find the contact details here.

What do I do when I read a book?

The first and most important thing you should do it record the title, author and a star rating in your Reading Challenge Card.  The next thing you can do (if you want) is share a review on our Book Review Page for others to see.  Book Reviews help other children decide what they might like to read or they can help you discover books you didn’t know about.  If you would like to leave a review or check out some reviews by other children you can go to the Book Review Page 

When is the Reading Challenge over?

The Reading Challenge finished at the end of August.  You MUST return your card to the library.  It doesn’t have to be completely full as the challenge is to read at least 1 book.  Once you have done that you are able to collect your certificate to say you are a Summer Star! If you fill your Card before the challenge is over you can hand it in to your local library and they will arrange for you to receive your Certificate when the Challenge is over.

What else is happening?

We have lots happening over the Summer months but it will all be online due to the ever changing circumstances around Covid 19.  Keep up to date with everything that’s going on including virtual author visits, illustration workshops, family quizzes and more! You’ll find all the information on our News & Events page or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.