Built Heritage Investment Scheme 2017

The scheme is designed to assist the owners and/or occupiers of structures/properties that are protected under the Planning and Development Act.
It will operate through 2017 and will be administered by Monaghan County Council’s Planning Section.

The categories of structures/properties eligible for funding under this scheme are:

• Protected Structures,
• Proposed Protected Structures (must be formally added to the Council’s RPS before the 31/12/17),
• Structures/properties in Architectural Conservation Areas.

Who can apply?
An applicant must be the owner and/or occupier of the structure/property. Where the applicant is not the owner, written consent from the owner will be required.

What funding is available?
The minimum funding award under this scheme will be €2,500, up to a maximum of €10,000.  Successful applicants will be required to, at a minimum, match their funding award.

How to apply?
The deadline for applications is now closed.

Built Heritage Investment Scheme 2017 Circular

BHIS 2017 Public Information Leaflet