Temporary Speed Limits in Monaghan Municipal District

Road Works Speed Limit Order

Notice is hereby given pursuant to the Road Traffic Act 2004 Section 10 (1) of the Council’s intention to put in place Special Speed Limits for Road Works on the roads listed below in the Municipal District of Monaghan. The speed limits are being put in place in the interest of road safety to facilitate roadworks.                              

50km/h speed limit signs will be in place at the following locations in the Municipal District of  Monaghan.Townland Name Start DateEnd Date
LP-1620 (Tydavnet to Monaghan Town Back Road):  For a distance of 700m between its junction with the LS-5180 and its junction with the LT-16302(Ballyalbany Road).Crosses and Drumbenagh20/03/201731/10/2017
LP-3420 (Cremartin to Scotch Corner):  For a distance of 600m between Cremartin crossroads and 600m west of cremartin crossroads.Cremartin, Dunfelimy and Clarderry20/03/201731/10/2017
LT-50503 (Crush Lane): For a distance of 400m between its junction with the R186-2 (Tydavnet – Clogher  Road) for a distance of 400m.Crossnacaldoo20/03/201731/10/2017

John Mc Kernan, A/Head of Roads, Operational Control, 9th March 2017