Monaghan County Council intends to prepare a Noise Action Plan, for County Monaghan

The regulations apply to environmental noise including noise from traffic, rail and aircraft. The regulations apply to environmental noise including noise from traffic, rail and aircraft.

The main purpose of the Noise Action Plan is to:-

• Inform and consult the public about noise exposure, its effects and the measures which may be considered to address noise problems

• Address strategic noise issues by requiring competent authorities to draw up action plans to manage noise issues and their effects

• Reduce noise, where possible, and maintain the environmental acoustic quality where it is good

The Environmental Noise Directive (2002/49/EC) aims to put in place a European wide system for identifying sources of Environmental noise, informing the public about relevant noise data and taking the necessary steps to avoid, prevent or reduce noise exposure.

The regulations do not apply to noise from domestic activities, noise created by neighbours, noise at work places, noise inside means of transport or noise due to military activities in military areas.

The strategic Noise maps along with the Draft Noise Action Plan, SEA Screening Determination and the AA Screening Statement can be downloaded from the local authority website from Thursday 7th June 2018.

The Draft Noise Action Plan and the Strategic noise maps along with an

• SEA Screening Determination under the European Communities (Environmental Assessment of Certain Plans and Programmes) Regulations 2004, as amended; and

• AA Screening Statement to satisfy requirements of the European Communities (Birds and Natural Habitats) Regulations 2011.

is also available in paper format for inspection during normal working hours from Thursday  7th June  to Thursday 19th July  2018 at the following public buildings.

Monaghan Council, County Offices,  The Glen,  Monaghan

Carrickmacross Municipal Offices,  Riverside Road,  Carrickmacross

Ballybay Clones Municipal District Offices,  Monaghan Road,  Clones

Roads Section,  M TEK II Building,  Armagh Road,  Monaghan

Submissions or observations with respect to the Draft Noise Action Plan may be made in writing to the undersigned or may be emailed to:, to arrive not later than 5.00pm on Thursday 2nd August 2018.

Submissions should be headed: “Draft Noise Action Plan” 

Respondents making submissions should note that Monaghan County Council is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2014 and the Data Protection Act 2018.

Patricia Monahan, A/ Director of Services, Transportation.

Draft Noise Action Plan For Public Consultation 5th June 2018 PDF >>