Don’t worry if your polling card hasn’t arrived!

Check you are on the Register at
As long as you are registered you do not need a polling card to vote, just bring photo ID to the polling station.
Polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm, Saturday 8th February 2020.

The documents which will be accepted as evidence of identity are:
(i) A passport
(ii) A driving licence
(iii) An employee identity card containing a photograph
(iv) A student identity car issued by an educational institution and containing a photograph
(v) A travel document containing name and photograph
(vi) A Bank or Saving or Credit Union Book containing address in the constituency or local electoral area (where appropriate);
(vii) A Public Services Card


Any of the following accompanied by a further document which establishes the address of the holder in the constituency or local electoral are (where appropriate):
(viii) A Temporary Residence Certificate
(ix) A Garda National Immigration Bureau Card
(x) An Irish Residence Permit
(xi) A cheque book
(xii) A cheque card
(xiii) A credit card
(xiv) A birth certificate
(xv) A marriage certificate

If you don’t know where you are voting contact Monaghan County Council, Register of Electors Section on 047-30551 or 047-30538.