You can check if you are registered to vote through the online Check the Register service.

Live Register

The Live Register is published on February 1st each year and comes into force on February 15th. It is used at each election and referendum held in the following 12 months. Being on the Live Register does not automatically entitle a person to vote in ALL elections. To check which elections you can vote in please check your Election Type on your personal details screen. For inclusion in the Register of Electors you must complete a RFA Application Form RFA Irish Form. Printed copies of the Live Register are available to be viewed at local authority offices, Post Offices, Garda stations and libraries.

Your Vote Your Voice- An Easy to Read Guide to Voting

Monaghan County Council in conjunction with Monaghan Public Participation Network has produced a new information booklet to support more people in the community to come out and vote in the upcoming Local and European elections.

Your Vote Your Voice- an Easy to Read Guide to Voting explains the voting process in Ireland and how you can exercise your right to vote.