Annual, Lifetime and General

It is a legal requirement for any person keeping a dog in Ireland to have a dog licence for that dog.

You can purchase an annual dog licence which must be renewed each year, or you can buy a dog licence for the lifetime of your dog.

Alternatively, a person may obtain a general dog licence which will cover all dogs kept at a particular premises.  The general dog licence must be renewed annually. 

There are certain limited exceptions where a dog licence is not required e.g. where the dog is under the age of 4 months and is kept with its mother, or where the dog is being used as a guide dog for a blind person.


An annual dog licence costs €20 and may be purchased online or at any Post Office.

A lifetime dog licence costs €140 and may be purchased online or at any Post Office.

A general dog licence costs €400 – it covers all dogs being kept at a particular premises.

A general dog licence must be purchased directly from your County Council.


Online Dog Licences are now provided by An Post

  1. By clicking on the link for the required licence type, you will be brought to and asked to sign in or register for an account to continue
  2. If you don’t already have an account select Register and complete the short registration form and click the Register button
  3. You will receive an Account Activation email. Click on the Activate button in this email. You will be brought directly to the application form you selected
  4. Complete the form. Please note all compulsory fields, marked with a red asterisk, must be completed before you can pay for and submit your application
  5. When you submit the form and pay you will receive a confirmation email notification
  6. Your licence should issue to you by post within 10 working days
  7. A copy of your application is available to view by clicking My Applications


PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU TICK AND APPLY FOR “Renewal of Annual Dog Licence” AND NOT “Annual Dog Licence Application”.


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