Important Dates
15th & 29th March; 10th May; 7th June Valuation Office Issue Proposed Valuation Certificates
September 2019 Final Certificates Issued
October 2019 Valuation List Published
November 2019 Final Dates for Appeals
1st January 2020 Date on which new valuations take effect for rates purposes


Final Valuation Certificates

The Valuation Office has now completed the revaluation of all commercial properties in County Monaghan and has issued Final Valuation Certificates to all ratepayers on 10th September 2019.  The new valuations will take effect for rates purposes from 1st January 2020.  Please be aware that the Valuation (NAV) on the Final Valuation Certificate is NOT your rates liability.

The new Valuation List for Monaghan was published on 17th September 2019 and from that date is available to view on the Valuation Office website,


The purpose of a revaluation is to bring more equity and transparency into the Local Authority rating system and to ensure that all ratepayers pay a fair share of the commercial rates to be raised. Following revaluation, there is a much closer and more uniform relationship between rental values of property and its commercial rates liability. The proposed valuation of each property has been arrived at by reference to relevant market rental information at the specified valuation date of 15th September 2017.

The Proposed Valuation Certificates state the valuation that the Valuation Office proposes entering for each property when the new valuation list is published on 17th September 2019. The valuations will be used to calculate the rates charged in 2020 and subsequent years. It is important to note that the proposed valuation entered on the Proposed Valuation Certificate is not a bill for rates but is a statement of the proposed valuation on which rates will be calculated from 1st January 2020.

An estimate of your rates liability for 2020 can be calculated as follows:

A. Take the value set out in the Proposed Valuation Certificate (Net Annual Value – NAV) received from the Valuation Office (e.g. €15,000)
B. Take the indicative Annual Rate on Valuation (ARV) for 2020 of 0.24
C. Multiply A x B giving your estimated rates liability for 2020 (e.g. €15,000 x 0.24 = €3,600)

Further information on revaluation is available on the Valuation Office website at

Useful Contacts

Monaghan County Council’s Revenue Collector’s are available at the following contact numbers:

Name Phone Number Mobile Number
Eilish Clarke 047 73728
Eilish Markey 047 73739 087 7176318
Sinead Mc Cabe 047 73735 087 7176318
Philomena Carroll 047 73782 087 3439255


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