National Fire Safety Week 2018: 1st – 8th October 2018

This year’s theme is “STOP Fire – Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Fit smoke alarms today and make sure they are in good working order. Working smoke alarms will warn you if there is a fire.

Remember: Your sense of smell does not work when you are asleep, and smoke can put you in a deeper sleep.

Smoke alarms may be tested by pressing the test button with the handle tip of a floor brush.

Replace the batteries when they are not working and once a year in standard alarms, or as soon as you hear the warning beep.

If you have 10-year smoke alarms, you need to replace the whole alarm after 10 years.

Get at least one smoke alarm for each floor in the home. Fit them between the sleeping areas and the kitchen & living rooms – one in the hallway at ground floor, and one at each upper level, in the landing. For an enhanced level of protection, consideration may also be given to fitting alarms in living rooms and kitchen, in bedrooms used by vulnerable people, or in bedrooms where there is a television or large electrical appliance (such as a computer). (Heat alarms may be considered where fumes from cooking or smoke from cigarettes or open fires could lead to unwanted alarms.)

Position smoke alarms at ceiling level in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Vacuum the smoke alarms regularly and wipe the cover. If they get clogged with dust they may not work properly.

Many years on, the message regarding fire prevention and fire safety is as relevant today as it ever was.
Play your part during National Fire Safety Week. Check out and find out how you can help to prevent and detect fires in your home. It could save your life one day!