Rescue Training

Monaghan Civil Defence hosted a regional technical rescue training exercise on Sunday 15th of April last involving up to 50 members of Civil Defence from Cavan, Louth, Meath, Donegal & Monaghan.

roperescueequipmentThe exercise started at 10am and finished at 5pm.
Weather conditions on the day were excellent.

The new Technical Rescue Methods using ropes and climbing equipment to perform rescues from buildings, towers, quarries and any high structures were used in a number of scenarios throughout the day.

The rescue service is a very valuable service within any community. Rescue activity in Civil Defence can be divided into three categories. Members are trained in urban rescue, open country search for missing persons and water based search and recovery. The rescue service offers a physically enduring and challenging outdoor activity for members to partake in.
Rope rescue equipment Members must have a physical fitness and stamina level that would enable them to undergo long periods of sustained activity in extreme weather conditions. Training is conducted mostly out of doors in quarries, caves, industrial premises or rock faces.

Training for members is made as realistic as possible with the creation of simulated emergencies such as explosions, aircraft crashes and train crashes as well as collapsed buildings.

A special word of thanks to Mr George Quinn and management of Corby Rock Mills, Monaghan for allowing Civil Defence the use of their factory complex to conduct the exercise.