Monaghan County Council Broadband Query Portal

As the rollout of the National Broadband Plan continues across the county, a new portal is going online to assist everyone who have queries in relation to broadband, or who may be struggling with broadband issues.

Monaghan County Council is creating this portal to allow citizens submit their questions in relation to broadband options and broadband provision across the county

Queries can be submitted through an online form on Monaghan Co. Co.’s website. It is expected that this will become a resource for citizens and for those involved in business and enterprise who want to explore all of the options that are available for the provision of broadband to their premises.

All queries will be submitted to the County Broadband Officer, John McArdle, who will endeavour to assist with each of these submissions.

There remain many people within the county who are currently unable to achieve download broadband speeds of at least 30 Mb/sec. In this situation, many of these citizens may be entitled to be included in the National Broadband Plan intervention area. Homeowners and business owners who meet this criteria can submit their contact details to the Department of Communications

Broadband queries may also be offered by contacting the County Broadband Officer, Monaghan County Council, Glen Road, Monaghan (047-30500) or by submitting an email to:

Click HERE to access the online portal