Monaghan Town Centre CCTV Scheme Consultation 2020

Monaghan Town Centre CCTV Scheme Consultation 2020

Further Details Monaghan Town Centre CCTV Scheme Consultation 2020 (PDF)

Monaghan County Council has been working towards putting a CCTV scheme in place in Monaghan town centre for a number of years. The scheme was held up due to a national issue concerning clarity on who would control the data recorded by the cameras. This has now been resolved, with Monaghan County Council agreeing to act as the Data Controller.

As some time has passed since we last consulted with the public on the proposed scheme (Jan 2018), we wish to provide the community with another opportunity to review the proposed camera locations and have your say on how the scheme is to be run.

What is being proposed?
There are some changes to the original proposal, as we have expanded the scheme and changed the spec of the cameras. The original scheme was for eight cameras at eight locations throughout the town. The 2018 consultation identified a number of additional areas that the public wished to have added, and there are now 17 proposed locations in the new scheme.

The initial proposal of one PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera at each location has been changed to providing a camera pointed in each direction at each location. This removes the need for staff monitoring the cameras in the Garda station in order to focus the cameras on any issues on the streets. The cameras will now be continuously recording in every direction.

Two automated number plate recognition cameras will be erected, one on Glaslough St, and one at the Margaret Skinnider Roundabout. The purpose of these cameras is to track the movements of criminals and aid the Gardai in intercepting them.

Data Protection
The cameras will be blanked where they cross private property/windows etc. to preserve the privacy of individuals. The recording equipment will be located in the Council Offices. To access footage, Gardai will make a written request for data from a specific camera and for a specific date and time. The Data Controller will be a named person of senior ranking within Monaghan County Council.

Next Steps
Following the close of the public consultation, we will seek Garda Commissioner approval to proceed to set up the scheme.

It is hoped, subject to all approval, to go to tender in spring 2020 and to have the system fully operational before the summer.

A grant has been secured from the Department of Justice’s Community CCTV Scheme and Monaghan Municipal District Council has set aside additional funding, so the funds are in place to go ahead immediately with this scheme if approved.

How to Have Your Say
You can let us know how you feel about the idea of a CCTV scheme in the town, or your views on the placement of any individual camera, by :
• Contacting the team before Friday 21st February (contact details below)
Coming along to talk to the team on: Thursday 13th February between 7pm and 9pm in the Market House

Queries on the scheme, and comments on the consultation, can be made to:
Donal McElwain, Monaghan Municipal District Co-ordinator, Council Offices, The Glen, Monaghan  Tel 047 73777