When the train carrying the bodies of the dead Specials arrived at Lisbellew in Co. Fermanagh, a sectarian riot broke out. Further incidents also took place in Belfast and in the two weeks or so after the incident 43 people were killed in Belfast riots and sectarian attacks, 27 Catholics and 16 Protestants. Image courtesy of Gerard Fitzpatrick
This is Matt Fitzpatrick’s German Mauser handgun. He had it with him when he was killed at Clones Railway Station. Courtesy of Gerard Fitzpatrick
Picture of Matt Fitzpatrick (seated centre row, second from left) Fermanagh County Champions 1919 Image Courtesy of Gerard Fitzpatrick
Clones Railway platform c. 1920 Eyewitness account of a passenger on the Enniskillen train ‘shots suddenly rang out, about six being fired into our carriage in quick succession, one of the bullets flashing across my face and grazing my hat. I could hear shots being discharged all over the train mingled with the yells and screams of the men in the other carriages. I heard one man appeal for mercy, and another call for his mother.’ - Image courtesy of Charles Friel