Defence Medal 1939-1945. This medal would have been awarded to both military and civilian service. Members of the Fire Service and Coast Guard could receive this award. In general you had to do at least 3 years service to be awarded this medal, however in some cases, when you were based in a area of high risk the medal was awarded for a lesser amount of time. King George VI appears on the front and on the reverse is an image of the crown on top of an oak tree flanked by a lion and lioness.

War Medal 1939-1945. This medal was awarded to any one who served in the defence forces or merchant navy for at least 28 days between 1939 and 1945. The front of the medal bears the image of a crowned King George VI and the reverse depicts a lion standing on top of a double headed dragon. The two heads of the dragon are said to symbolise the enemies both Western Cultures and Eastern Cultures.

Donated by Margaret Forster, Belfast.

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