Report to Monaghan County Council Meeting on 7 January 2019.

Report to Monaghan County Council Meeting on 7 January 2019.

On the afternoon of 19th December 2018, Monaghan County Council was notified by Gyproc (Ireland) Ltd that a crown hole was discovered 35 metres west of LP4900. The Chief Executive and Senior Engineer (Roads) visited the site on the evening of 19th December and spoke to the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE) seeking confirmation that LP4900 road was stable and safe for public use.

Following a meeting on the morning of 20th December between Gyproc Ireland Ltd and SRK Consulting Ltd, the DCCAE was advised of the ground conditions pertaining to the crownhole. Then, in consultation with the DCCAE and Gyproc (Ireland) Ltd., Monaghan County Council took the decision to close the LP4900 road a precautionary measure and to facilitate site investigation work by the mining company.

Monaghan County Council issued a Notice of Emergency Closure, in accordance with Section 75 of the Roads Act 1993 & Article 12 of the Roads Regulations 1994, and closed the LP4900 road at 3:30pm on 20th December 2018.

A drilling rig mobilised by Gyproc (Ireland) Ltd to carry out core drilling in the area remains onsite.

A meeting was held in Carrickmacross on 3rd January 2019 between DCCAE officials and representatives from Gyproc (Ireland) Ltd.. Wardell Armstrong and Monaghan County Council were also in attendance.

During the meeting, nine additional core drilling locations were identified as part of the investigation to determine the stability of the LP4900. SRK Consulting Ltd was instructed to evaluate the site investigation works and complete a report on the crownhole and ground conditions along the LP4900 to DCCAE by 10th January 2019. All parties agreed to meet again on 15th January 2019, following completion of the core drills to analyse the results.

Monaghan County Council has continued its Emergency Closure Order on the LP4900 pending the outcome of the geotechnical investigations.