Temporary Closing of Roads – Municipal District of Monaghan

Monaghan County Council gives notice to close the following road in the Municipal District of Monaghan in County Monaghan.

Dates:  Between Monday 28th of February 2022 and Friday 7th October 2022 

To facilitate: Road Improvement Works

Roads Closed: 

  • R-186-2 Bragan Cross-Coyles Bridge: For a distance of 1400m between its junction with the LT-11352 and LP-1135(Bragan, Drumfurrer)
  • R-213: For a distance of 2900m from its junction with the LP-1402 & LP-1403 to its junction with the N2 (Killyneill-Castleshane Demesne).
  • LP-3421:  For a distance of 1793m between its junction with the R-184 (Scotch Corner) and the junction with the LP-3401/LS-7442 (Cremartin Crossroads).
  • LP-1412: For a distance of 567m between its junction with the R-937/N54 (Old Cross Square) and its junction with the R162 Glen Road. (Tirkeenan)
  • LP-3330: For a distance of 2470m between its junction with the LP-3300 (Braddocks) and its junction with LP-1510 (Legnacreeve).
  • LT-14302: For a distance of 1043m between its junction with the R-214 (Greenmount) and its junction with LT-14301 (Tirmacmoe).
  • LT-11133: For a distance of 1043m, In the townlands of Tavanagh- Killyhoman.
  • LT-10311: For a distance of 884m, between its junction with the LP-1031 (Killycarran North) and its junction with LS-6040 (Agherakeltan).

All Detours will be signposted in order to direct the Traffic. (Local Access and Emergency Vehicles will be catered for at all times). Each Road may be closed for a maximum of 2 weeks within the Closure Period

This notice complies with the Roads Act 1993 (Section 75)


Gareth McMahon

A/Senior Engineer

Roads and Transportation

24th February 2022