What do you know about #YourCouncil?

What do you know about #YourCouncil?

Monaghan County Council provides hundreds of services across Monaghan. Our work affects everyone’s daily life and communities all over the county.

Still, many people know only a limited amount about what we do or how they can engage with and make use of our services.

The #YourCouncil campaign aims to change that.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be using our social media channels and other means to get the message out about our work.

Research shows that those with the least knowledge about their council are aged 18-25 so by creating a digital campaign we’re reaching out in particular to this group via the media they use.

We hope to build more engaged and informed communities who know where and how to access local services and supports.

Can I get involved in the campaign?

Yes! The public can show their support by sharing the #YourCouncil social media posts they see online and watching and sharing our videos.

You can also tell us about how your council makes a positive impact on your life and area by joining in the #YourCouncil conversation on social media.

For information on the services your council provides, take a look around the website.