Emyvale Village – Removal of Overhead Cables/New Public Lights

Monaghan County Council secured funding under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme from the Department of Rural and Community Development to carry out public realm improvement in Emyvale main street. This is to remove the overhead cables and upgrade the public lighting system for the main street. This was a priority highlighted by the community during consultation to develop a community plan.
Many of the existing public lights are placed on network, timber poles that require replacement. It is planned to install modern low energy, LED lighting throughout the village as per the Climate Change adaptation plan. It is also planned to remove the congested over head cables which are to be placed under ground. This will enable new public light columns to be place at correct spacing to create a well lit environment for the public. The works willl involve major excavation of the footpaths and a number of road crossings to lay the new ducts for placing the cables underground. Footpaths to be replaced as existing, in concrete finish. It will also require new connections to many individual premises.

Any queries/comments, please e-mail Monaghan Municipal District at monaghan@monaghancoco.ie up to 31st January 2022

Read the full PDF here: Emyvale Public Realm Improvement Jan 2022a (PDF)