Monaghan County Council – Personal & Community Resilience Leaflet is available now!

Personal & Community Resilience is that individuals & communities can use their strengths to ‘Prepare’ for ‘Respond’ to and ‘Recover’ from emergencies.

Resilient communities can play a key role in the protection, rescue and care of any individuals within their community, who, because of dependency or disability, need particular attention during emergencies. Neighbours will be aware of any residents who are visually impaired, hearing impaired or with limited physical movement, whether by reason of age, illness (including mental illness), disability or other reasons, and can either assist such persons themselves or direct the emergency services towards them.

This preparedness enables the community to come together, utilising the locally identified resources, both personnel and equipment during the response to an emergency affecting their community. This response will complement the various emergency response agencies efforts in responding to the emergency.

Previous experience has demonstrated that communities who have spent time planning and preparing for an emergency are better able to cope and recover more quickly.

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Personal and Community Resilience Leaflet_English Version

Personal and Community Resilience Leaflet_Irish Version