Well Grant

What is a Well Grant?

A Well Grant is a grant scheme to assist households in rural areas that are dependent on a private water supply (private well) for their household use, by financially assisting them where they incur capital expenditure to carry out improvements to the supply to ensure that the water supply is wholesome and clean, or that the quantity supplied is insufficient to meet the domestic needs of the household as defined in the Housing (Private Water Supply Financial Assistance) Regulations 2020 (S.I. No. 192 of 2020).

For grant purposes, a private water supply is defined as a system providing a supply of water to a single house by means of a source that is not common or shared.

The grant enables improvement works to be carried out to a private water supply so that it will provide water that is compliant with the quality standards as set out under the European Union (Drinking Water) Regulations 2014, and/or will supply the sufficient quantity of water that meets the domestic needs of the household.


Am I Eligible for a Well Grant?

You may be eligible for a Well Grant if:

  • The house is located in an area that cannot be serviced by Irish Water or a nearby Group Water Supply Scheme
  • The house is currently occupied by the applicant as his/her normal place of residence i.e. not a holiday home or properties operated on a commercial basis (e.g. short term rentals, self-catering properties, caravan/mobile home sites etc.
  • If your house is over 7 years old and has not received a grant to provide or improve a water supply to the house under this scheme within the previous seven years
  • The improvement works will be carried out to a house, where the water supply does not meet the quality standards in the regulations, or the quantity supplied is insufficient to meet the domestic need of the household


The level of a grant is determined by the type of improvement works being undertaken and shall not exceed the following amounts:

  • (i) 85% of the approved costs for rehabilitation works, subject to a maximum of €3,000;
  • (ii) 85% of the approved costs for the provision of a new well, subject to a maximum of €5,000 (where the housing authority agrees that this is the most appropriate solution);
  • 100% of the approved costs for works that, in the opinion of the housing authority, are necessary to treat the water to meet the water quality standards specified in the Regulations, subject to a  maximum grant of €1,000. Examples of such treatments are filtration or Ultra Violet treatment.
  • Grants are not available for improvement works that cost less that €750 in total.


Applying for a Well Grant

The Application Form, Payment Claim Form and Terms and Conditions relating to the grant for private wells can be viewed and downloaded by clicking:



Well Grant Terms and Conditions document, contains all relevant details concerning the application process, applicant eligibility, the appeals process and works qualifying for funding under the grant scheme.

Once the applicant receives approval in writing from Monaghan County Council, the improvement works may commence.

Testing, sampling, analysis and certification of the water supply is an essential part of verification of the improvement works. It is necessary to verify that the deficiency has been resolved to the satisfaction of the Local Authority.

Water Quality is certified through acceptable water sampling results from a recognised, independent and INAB (Irish National Accreditation Board) or equivalent accredited laboratory..
Where works consist of drilling a new well, Water Quantity is certified through a Water Quantity Certificate, validated by the drilling contractor.

Assessment of a completed payment claim form, water sample results and a Water Quantity Certificate will be required to allow for payment of the grant to the Applicant.

Any further queries in relation to private well grants can be made by emailing jcusack@monaghancoco.ie or by contacting Water Services on 047 73769/ 047 73763


Information & Publications regarding Well Grant:

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Further information is available on the Departments website:


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