Artist Support Scheme/Tacaíocht do Ealaiontóirí Gairmiúila 2021

“Has your creative work as an Artist been affected by the Covid-19 restrictions? 

If so, Monaghan County Council would like to assist you with this Scheme”

closed Wednesday 15th September 4pm / Sprioc lá Céadaoin 15 Meán Fómhair 4.i.n

Total Available Fund / Iomlán an Chiste atá ar Fáil € 10,000

Emerging Talent                                                    Established Artist

Up to 7 Awards of €400 each                             up to 12 Awards of €600 each

Monaghan County Council values and wishes to support the work of the Artist and extend the range of opportunities for artists to develop their practice. We recognise that we have a responsibility to provide financial and other assistance to artists, so that they can be supported in the making and presentation of their work, and in their professional development.

Artists who may have had elements of their ongoing creative practice stalled/cancelled or curtailed due to current restrictions are eligible to be considered for funding under this scheme.

  • This year’s scheme is open to any individual artist who can demonstrate their track record regardless of whether they have received funding from us in the past.
  • Monaghan County Council would like to invite individual Artists to apply under this scheme and to have their application considered for funding by an independent Assessment Panel.
  • We have expanded our Artistic criteria to include those of you who consider yourselves as an Emerging talent* from County Monaghan as well those of you as Artists have been recognised by your peers as an Established artist**.
  • successful applicants must adhere to public health guidelines as set down by the Government regarding restrictions as stated by the current pandemic Covid-19 public health policies if your project involves any collaborative elements.
  • This scheme is both competitive in nature insofar as the funding limit set and having regard to the fact that an assessment panel will make recommendations to MCC as to the merits of each individual submission.
  • If you have been in receipt of funding under the Value-Added Scheme in the current Calendar year, your Submission will not be considered for funding.

Criteria and Limits                    Deadline – Wednesday 15th September 2021

The funding Criteria and Limits will be set under 2 headings for 2021.

1: Emerging talent *: where an Artist who creates work under any art form in whichever medium can let us know how the current pandemic restrictions have affected their ability in realising their creative work.

Our aim is to award up to 7 Awards @ €400 each under this heading. This would be a recognition by MCC that you are contributing to the creative and artistic life of the County in a positive way and being rewarded as such.

2: Established Artist **: where the Artist has a substantive body of work created in your career and that you have been recognised as such by your peers. This scheme is a recognition that your current arts practice has been affected by the current pandemic restrictions.

Our aim is to award up to 12 Awards @ € 600 each this would be a recognition by MCC that your career as an artist is being curtailed and affected by the current pandemic restrictions and that your contribution to the Artistic landscape of County Monaghan and beyond is rewarded.


  • Artists of all disciplines and who work in any artform are welcome to apply.
  • Artists must be originally from County Monaghan or reside in County Monaghan.
  • Applicants in a full or part-time education programme are not eligible to apply
  • The term “Established Artist” assumes, that you have a substantive body of works created and that it has been presented to the public in any arts form and through any medium, and that you are recognised as such by your peers.
  • The term “Emerging talent” assumes that you have presented your creative work in a discipline and through whichever medium that best suits your creative process to the public
  • The Assessment of your Application will be made by a Panel using judgement, experience, and artistic endeavour.


  • This Scheme will assist artists of all disciplines and in their area of creative enterprise, professional development, performance/exhibition of work and residency opportunities.
  • Artists’ professional development, (e.g., further training, attendance at peer-to-peer workshops, travel grants within Ireland),
  • Artists’ creation of art, (e.g., production costs, materials assistance, exploration and research assistance, residency assistance),
  • Artists, their art and the public, (e.g., performance & recording development assistance, publication & exhibition assistance, projects carried out in collaboration with county organisations)


2021 Artist Support Scheme/Tacaíocht do Ealaiontóirí Gairmiúila PDF