Heritage and Biodiversity Actions for Climate – A new webinar series

The Local Authority Heritage Officers Network invites you to a new series of Climate Action webinars. Join us for four one-hour sessions every Thursday, starting on 27th January at 9.30am.

You will hear about positive actions for climate from the heritage sector. Topics will include nature-based solutions, adaptation of heritage structures, risk assessment and will focus on methods that we hope will ignite action for climate right across the country.

Malcom Noonan, Minister for State for Heritage will launch the first seminar this Thursday.  Paddy Woodworth, journalist will chair this webinar entitled “Embedding Climate in Heritage”. This webinar focuses on how we work to embed the climate crisis, and mitigation and adaptation approaches into the heritage agenda.

The series is supported by the local authorities, City and County Managers Association and the Heritage Council.

The themes of the other webinars are – Wetlands, Community and Climate; Nature-based solutions for Climate; People, Heritage and Climate.

Further information and links to register for the webinars –

kilkennyheritage.ie/2022/01/save-the-dates-heritage-biodiversity-actions-for-climate/ LAHON Webinar Climate – Click to see full list of Webinar details (PDF)

Webinar Recordings Available here: