BLACK PIGS DYKE  (Tender Brief ) 


The five local authorities involved in the project need interpretation materials and information panels to explain and animate the archaeological project and Black Pig’s Dyke cultural sites. For consistency, these materials will be researched and designed as a single project rather than approaching each site on a piecemeal basis.

Closing date for submission of tenders is 4pm, Friday 21st April 2017. Submissions should be made in writing, envelopes clearly marked with the words Black Pigs Dyke Tender, and addressed to “The Administrative Officer”, Governance & Corporate Affairs, Monaghan County Council, The Glen, Monaghan.

Black Pigs Dyke Interpretation & Graphic Design Tender Brief

Monaghan Wetland Survey 2006

Monaghan Wetland Survey 2006: Main report (Adobe PDF, 1,431kb)

A survey of 13 one kilometre squares in Co. Monaghan.
Monaghan Fen Survey 1 – Summary
Monaghan Fen Survey 1 – Summary (Adobe PDF, 3,596kb)

Pages 1 – 16 of Volume 1: Main report.
Monaghan Fen Survey 2
Monaghan Fen Survey 2: Main report (Adobe PDF, 2,917kb)

Monaghan Fen Survey year 2: 2007
Monaghan Dragonfly Survey
Dragonfly report (Word Doc, 12,376kb)

A report on the field survey for dragonflies and damselflies at selected wetland sites in Co. Monaghan, 2008.
Dragonflies and water beetles
Dragonfly and water beetle report (Word Doc 20,468kb)

A report on the field survey of selected wetlands 2009.
Evaluation of the benefits of wetlands in Monaghan
Evaluation of wetlands report. (Word Doc, 12,115kb)

This study takes six wetlands in County Monaghan and assesses the value of their ecosystem services. The report “Wetland Ecosystem Economics: evaluating the benefits derived from Monaghan’s wetlands” undertaken for Monaghan County Council estimated the economic value of six case study wetlands in the county, covering a variety of wetland types. The report estimated that over a 50 year period, the value of the wetlands ranged from €10,000 for the smallest site to €2.9 million for the largest of the six sites.

Industrial Heritage Survey of disused railway
Railway survey (Adobe PDF, 901kb)

Disused railway survey: Great Northern Railway’s Industrial Heritage survyed in 2007. Summary document.

Ballybay Historic Landscape Characterisation
Ballybay HLC Main report (Adobe PDF, 14,221kb)

Project from 2009 to describe the historic landscapes of Ballybay Town.

Wild Things at School
Wild Things Book for Primary School Teachers (Adobe PDF, 3,229kb)

A resource to assist the teaching of 48 species to primary school children. This project was undertaken jointly by Monaghan, Meath and Laois County Councils in 2009 with support from the Heritage Council.

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