On Monday 6 December, as part of Hedgerow Week 2021, the state of Ireland’s hedgerows both quantity and quality was discussed. Catherine Keena, Countryside Management Specialist, Teagasc was joined by a panel including: Lilian O’Sullivan, Teagasc Johnstown Castle Researcher; Julie Larkin, RPS (former Teagasc PhD student); Shirley Clerkin, Heritage Officer, Monaghan County Council; Mark McDowell, Hedge Laying Association of Ireland; and Alan Moore, Hedgerows Ireland. A questions and answers session took place at the end of the webinar which was facilitated by Padraig Foley, Teagasc.

The 2021 Monaghan Hedgerow Survey presents the results on the state of hedgerows in the county, following on from the first survey undertaken in 2010.  This is an action of the County Monaghan Biodiversity and Heritage Strategic Plan 2020-205 and was funded jointly by the Heritage Council.

Hedgerow are important wildlife and ecological corridors, and they provide invaluable ecosystem services including carbon sequestration, flood protection, protection from soil erosion and prevention of aquatic siltation.  They also provide shade and shelter for livestock and pollination services.