The registered owner must submit following to the motor tax official:

1. RF111 Change of particulars form

(i) The declaration part of which, i.e. Section 8, must be signed in the presence of a motor tax office official. If presented pre-signed, the motor tax official will read over the declaration to the registered owner, who will have to re-sign the declaration in the presence of the motor tax official.

(ii) Main dealer Certification Only: In all cases, certification of Section 5 on the RF111 will only be accepted stamped from a main dealer. (See 1. (i) above)

(iii) The certification from the main dealer will be verified with the dealership by the motor tax official, prior to processing the engine change.

2. Current vehicle registration certificate (VRC). Once the new engine details are recorded, a new VRC will be generated and sent directly to the vehicle owner.

3. Photo ID (only current passport or current driving licence):
Engine change notifications (via change of particulars form RF111) may only be presented in person by registered owner with appropriate photo ID. Notifications of engine changes received in the post are therefore not accepted for processing and will be returned to an applicant.

Registered owner only dealings: Third party notification of engine change details will not be accepted – the registered owner must present his or herself, with required photo ID.

4. Main dealer Letter: The main dealer must provide a signed and dated letter (on headed paper) confirming that a change of engine has taken place, giving the capacity of the new engine and serial number of the new engine.

5. Vehicle insurance: Details of insurance cert/proposal confirming any change in engine cubic capacity will be sought.

Issued by Authorised Officer, Monaghan Motor Tax – Effective April 2015.

These requirements may be subject to change as and when circumstances arise.