A vehicle conversion is a modification to the registered details of a vehicle

• Many conversions submitted to the Motor Taxation Office are for change of EU category, N to M, private to goods and vice versa. Unless the Revenue Tax category is “A” (per J.1 on page 2 of your VRC/Tax Book), all conversion documents for EU category changes need to be assessed by the Revenue Commissioners prior to submission to Motor Tax. This usually applies where;

1. seatings positions have been added and the new total including the driver is 9 seatings positions or less;

2. had 10 seating positions or more, seating positions have been removed and the new total including the driver is 9 seating positions or less

3. converted to motor caravan; declaration is not required however if registered in Ireland as a car or M.P.V. or other EU Category M1 / Revenue Vehicle Registration Tax “A” vehicle

The Revenue Commissioners will determine if additional Vehicle Registration Tax (V.R.T.) is due. The Revenue office will then provide you with a letter to submit to your motor taxation office.
(Additional Information can be found at www.revenue.ie )


Submit the completed documents below to the Motor Taxation Office together with any letter from the revenue commissioners:

1. Change of particulars Form RF111 – Change of Particulars – available at www.motortax.ie

2. Original Vehicle Registration Certificate (V.R.C.).

3. Vehicle Owner’s Declaration of Conversion (Form VRTCONV) which must be stamped with the official stamp of the Suitably Qualified Individual.

4. Suitably Qualified Individual, Declaration of Conversion (Form VRTCONVSQI) which must be drawn up on the headed paper of the Suitably Qualified Individual (S.Q.I.) which must contain the S.Q.I. name and / or business name, address, contact details and tax number.

5. Please note that the Suitably Qualified Individual* (S.Q.I.) must have an:

a. Engineering / Technical Qualification (Level 7 or higher accredited courses) or appropriate accreditation with Engineers Ireland or the Institute of Automobile Engineer Assessors.

b. A minimum of 5 years experience of working in a suitable technical environment (preferably Automotive or Engineering Environment).

c. Access to adequate facilities to carry out a thorough vehicle examination.

d. Appropriate professional indemnity insurance

Please note that Monaghan Motor Taxation office may request evidence confirming the S.Q.I.’s qualifications
Also – If you intend to tax the vehicle as a light goods / commercial vehicle, this will be treated as a first time goods taxation requiring additional documents outlined at https://monaghan.ie/motortax/goods-vehicles/ heading “New or imported vehicle – Documentation required to tax”

For engine changes see https://monaghan.ie/motortax/customer-guidance-regarding-engine-changes/