ICBAN-QUB Local Communities Survey on ‘The Border Into Brexit’

ICBAN-QUB Local Communities Survey on 'The Border Into Brexit'

This online survey is part of the ‘Border Navigator’ project and is the third in a series examining the impact that Brexit is having, or may have, on Communities of the Border Region. This latest initiative provides an opportunity for the voices of border region residents and workers to be heard on recent developments and the subject of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit scenario, just two months before the planned exit date of the UK on 31st October.

The subsequent report will again be widely disseminated, including to the governments of the UK and Ireland, the European Commission and Parliament, and other key stakeholders. We hope to complete and issue an interim findings document ahead of the next European Council meeting on 17-18 October, and both the final report and interim findings document will be available for download from the QUB and ICBAN websites www.icban.com

The previous reports, ‘Bordering on Brexit’ (November 2017) and ‘Brexit at the Border’ (June 2018), gained significant coverage in local, national and international media, including India and Egypt, and were widely referenced across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Over 1,000 people participated in the two previous studies.

The online survey is now live at https://tinyurl.com/TBIB19 and will close on Monday 23rd September at 5pm.