Age Friendly Business Recognition Programme

Monaghan County Council – Age Friendly Business Recognition Programme


In Ireland it is predicted that there will be 1.4 million people aged 65 and over by 2041, with this age group making up 22% of the overall population. Older people account for up to 50% of all consumer spending in the EU. They have time to shop, they like to shop, and they are loyal customers. They will come back for repeat business if the consumer experience is comfortable and pleasant for them.

Looking after older customers isn’t just about good business sense, it is both common sense and an increasing necessity in our world today where business is becoming increasingly competitive. That’s the opinion of Barry Eaton, Monaghan Age Friendly Programme Manager, who is relaunching the Age Friendly Business Recognition Programme in the Monaghan area, with training being arranged for 16th July. He understands that while our older demographic is experiencing a sharp increase in numbers, businesses can increase their trade in our older demographic by making their experience more comfortable, personal and to strongly signal that their business is valued.

It is relatively easy to make a business age friendly. Most age friendly practices are low or zero cost and can make a big difference to older customers. Changes such as making it easier for older people to find out about available services and how they can access these services are good for all customers. When a business lets their customers know that they are aiming to be age friendly, they are letting older people know that they value their custom and are committed to serving them.

All businesses in the Monaghan are invited to sign up to the Age Friendly Business Recognition Programme for free. Participating businesses are required to nominate an “Age Friendly Champion” to undergo a short training course, consult with customers and implement three Age Friendly actions. The actions are often zero or low cost options which can make shopping easier for older customers. Examples include providing better signage, using larger fonts on print material and having designated Age Friendly parking.

The business benefits from the programme as, having successfully completed the programme, an Age Friendly accredited business can display their certification and accreditation window sticker. They will also be listed on the website. Barry Eaton, Monaghan Age Friendly Programme Manager, explains that “becoming an Age Friendly business benefits both the business and their customers. It will drive new customers to a business and help them retain them as older customers show greater loyalty towards local businesses and typically outspend other customers.”

Interested businesses are invited to sign up to this free programme by booking on the link at or or by contacting Monaghan Age Friendly Programme Manager Barry Eaton by emailing

Sensory Garden and Outdoor Educational Space at Cloughvalley, Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan

It is intended that the sensory garden will allow visitors to enjoy a wide variety of sensory experiences. The garden will be designed to provide opportunities to stimulate the senses, both individually and in a combination of ways that users may not usually encounter. The proposal includes hard and soft landscaping works, surface paving, planting, boundary treatments and all other associated site development works and services.

It will form part of a package of proposals aimed at consolidating and enhancing the existing amenities at Cloughvalley Park.

Your Feedback

Your feedback on the Sensory Garden and Outdoor Educational Space at Cloughvalley is important to us, and we encourage you to participate in the consultation. Please refer to the Materials section on this page for additional images. This consultation will remain open for a period of three weeks, closing on 5pm on the 25th  June 2024.

How to Make a Submission

Written observations or submissions must be received by 5pm on the 25th  June 2024

Online here


In writing marked “Cloughvalley Sensory Garden and Outdoor Educational Space” to:

Carrickmacross-Castleblayney Municipal District, Civic Offices, Riverside Road, Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan, A81 RY22


We understand that online information cannot be accessed by everyone, therefore, the Materials attached will also be available for inspection at Carrickmacross Civic Offices, at the above address, Monday – Friday 09:30 to 16:30, from the 4th of June 2024.

Please note late submissions cannot be considered and will be returned. Submissions should be in ONE medium only, either online or hard copy.Sensory Garden Carrickmacross Co Monaghan

Major Projects Announced for Carrickmacross-Castleblayney MD

Workhouse Project Team Carrickmacross Swimming Pool Feasibility Project Team

Further good news story for the county and in particular the Carrickmacross-Castleblayney Municipal District as Monaghan County Council signs contracts for the Carrickmacross Workhouse Community, Tourism & Arts Hub, Phase 1 project and the carrying out of a Feasibility Study and Strategic Assessment for the provision of a Swimming Pool and Leisure Complex in Carrickmacross Town.

Building on Monday’s announcement of an €11 million grant allocation towards the redevelopment of the historic Market House in Castleblayney, Tuesday evening last, in the appropriate surrounds of the restored front Workhouse building, provided further cause for optimism for the wider south Monaghan area with the signing of the contracts for the Carrickmacross Workhouse Community, Tourism & Arts Hub, Phase 1 project and the Feasibility Study and Strategic Assessment for the provision of a Swimming Pool and Leisure Complex in Carrickmacross Town.

Having secured a “Category 2” (project development) grant allocation of €288,608.00, under the Rural Regeneration and Development Fund, Monaghan County Council was pleased to award the contract for the development of a construction-ready masterplan for the Carrickmacross Workhouse site to Cooney Architects Limited.

Monaghan County Council in partnership with Farney Community Development Group (FCDG) plan to restore in full the Carrickmacross Workhouse site and develop a new multipurpose Community Hub to cement its future as a focal point and centre for social, community and arts services in Carrickmacross town and the South Monaghan area. The original Workhouse building was leased by FCDG from private developers between 2003 to 2019. During that time, and since, FCDG has secured investment of in excess of €2.2 million to restore the front building and manage the 28 no. community and social services currently based there.

The site was acquired by Monaghan County Council in 2019, to secure the future of the existing community services delivered there, develop its tourism potential and plan for the future development of a multi-sectored, community and arts hub for the south Monaghan area. The unique partnership between Farney Community Development Group and Monaghan County Council enhances citizen engagement and participation in civic activities. This is evidenced by the high level of usage of the compromised facilities that exist at present. The leadership displayed by FCDG in leasing the property in 2003 and resilience in its investment over the subsequent years, despite unsecure tenancy, is acknowledged by Monaghan County Council and supported in its decision to purchase the freehold ownership in 2019.

The project provides a holistic, planned approach to the economic and social development of the town and its hinterland, building on the investment and partnership between the Council and the community. The development of an overall plan to guide the complete restoration and redevelopment of the derelict buildings and 6-acre site for community use will transform the area and provide a sustainable template for development into the future.

The contract-signing event also marked a red-letter day for amenity provision in Carrickmacross Town and its hinterland. The absence of a swimming pool has been a long-cited gap in leisure provision in the area, and Tuesday’s formal appointment of consultancy firm S3 Solutions, to progress a feasibility study and strategic assessment for the provision of a swimming pool and leisure complex in Carrickmacross Town may transpire to be the opening gambit in addressing this deficit. Over a 20-week performance period, the Consultants will evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of providing a swimming pool and leisure complex in the county’s second largest and fastest growing town that would serve the town and the wider South Monaghan community.

It is expected that S3 Solutions will make a final recommendation on the feasibility of the proposed project to Monaghan County Council in September 2024. The information and data provided in the Feasibility Study & Strategic Assessment Report will allow the Council to make an informed and reasoned decision on whether to advance the proposed project to the next stage in the project lifecycle, preliminary business case development.

Bank Holiday Water Safety Alert

Minimize the risks with advice from Coast Guard, Water Safety Ireland & RNLI

The Coast Guard, Water Safety Ireland & the RNLI have issued advice to help keep people safe at Ireland’s waterways over the
June bank holiday weekend.

Water based activities increase at this time of year, as do the number of incidents in which people get into difficulty. Minimize the risks with the following advice for a safe enjoyable bank holiday weekend.

How to enjoy water-based activities safely:
• Check the forecast for your local area, including tide times and sea conditions for coastal activities.
• Always carry a means of calling for help and keep it within reach.
• Water temperatures are still cold. Acclimatise by getting in slowly, swim within your depth and avoid staying in the
water for extended periods. Swimmers should be aware of rip currents and if caught in one should swim parallel to
shore and then back to land.
• Swim with others, never alone, in recognised, traditionally safe bathing areas. Lifeguarded waterways are listed at
• Supervise children at all times near water and never use inflatable toys in open water as currents and breezes can
cause persons to be swept out to sea, endangering those onboard or others trying to assist.
• If you find yourself struggling in the water unexpectedly remember Float to Live. The best way to float is to tilt your
head back with your ears submerged. Try to relax and breathe normally. You can gently move your hands to help you
stay afloat if you need to. Spread your arms and legs out to improve stability. Once your breathing is under control,
call for help or swim to safety.
• Stranding is a risk when low tides expose areas of the coastline for walkers to explore sandbanks. Watch out for
incoming tides, local signage, and always carry a fully charged mobile phone.
• Wear a Personal Flotation Device when paddleboarding, kayaking or boating, or when angling from shore.
• Avoid alcohol as it impairs judgment, balance and coordination – all essential for swimming and boating and avoiding
hazards in the water.

If you see somebody in trouble on the water or along the coast or if you suspect that they are in trouble, dial 112 or use Marine
VHF channel 16 and ask for the Coast Guard

Heritage Week Event Grant Scheme 2024

National Heritage Week banner

Call for applications

National Heritage Week, an initiative by the Heritage Council, celebrates all things heritage. It brings together communities, families, organisations, cultural institutions, academics and enthusiasts, to build awareness about the value of heritage and support its conservation. The theme for National Heritage Week 2024 is “Connections, Routes and Networks”.

Monaghan County Council Heritage Office are offering grant assistance to organisers to hold events that meet the objectives of National Heritage Week

Who can apply:

This grant scheme is open to individuals/community groups and not for profit organisations, heritage and biodiversity groups, venues and societies.

All groups in receipt of funding from Monaghan County Council must be members of Monaghan PPN.

What Funding is available:

The level of grant assistance for any one event will range from €100 to €1000.

To be eligible for funding projects/events must:

  • take place in County Monaghan and celebrate an element of Monaghan’s heritage.
  • be organised by an individual/community/voluntary group based in Monaghan.
  • proposed event must be run during heritage week 17th – 25th August 2024.

How to apply:

Please visit for application form and guidance. Any queries can also be sent to the Heritage Office email .

  • The closing date for applications is 4pm on Friday 14th June 2024.

Public Consultation Meeting – Ballinode/ Scotstown

Public Consultation Meeting – Ballinode/ Scotstown
Public Consultation Meeting – Ballinode/ Scotstown

Staff from our Roads, Active Travel and Community Sections together with John O’Flaherty, Tobin Consultants attended a public consultation meeting on the evening of Wednesday 22nd May in Ballinode Community Hall, which was extremely well attended.

This event provided a platform for the Council to inform the community about the preferred route option linking the villages of Ballinode and Scotstown, and to listen to the views and concerns of all.  The positive feedback and meaningful engagement demonstrated the need and desire to build a stronger connection and to provide safe facilities for pedestrians and cyclists between the two villages.

Monaghan County Council are exploring the option of trialling a “Quiet road” in Monaghan and the concept was presented to those in attendance.

Quiet Roads or Quiet Lanes are designated rural roads where traffic volumes and vehicles speeds are relatively low. The objectives of such a scheme are:

  • Aim to encourage people to travel by walking, wheeling or cycling.
  • Preserve the character and tranquillity of the rural environment and contain traffic growth.
  • Support access to outdoors for everyone.

Key Elements would include:

  1. Community involvement to encourage a change in driver behaviour.
  2. Area-wide directional signing to discourage or reroute through traffic.
  3. Quiet road entry and exit signs to remind drivers that they are entering or exiting a Quiet Road – may expect people to be using the whole of the road space for a range of activities
  4. Safety measures such as- traffic calming, passing bays/pull in areas, vertical/horizontal deflections, improvement in sight lines, reduced speed limits.


Public Consultation Meeting – Ballinode/ Scotstown

Following on from the public consultation and meetings with community groups and landowners, council staff are going to explore funding opportunities with Department of Transport. The DOT have committed to establish a working group to determine the design details and legislative changes necessary to implement such a scheme in Ireland. It is hoped that this could be a pilot in County Monaghan, and we look forward to working with all stakeholders in the future with a view to having this innovative scheme implemented.

Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to this very important discussion.

Monaghans Africa Day

Africa Day 2024

Monaghan County Council to host events in Monaghan and Castleblayney to celebrate Africa Day 2024

Monaghan County Council has announced its plans for Africa Day 2024, which will include events in Castleblayney and Monaghan to celebrate the occasion.

Africa Day celebrates the vibrancy, diversity and potential of the continent of Africa. Events will be held in every county in Ireland to mark the day that celebrates Ireland’s growing links with Africa. Africa Day celebrations are organised by Irish Aid at the Department of Foreign Affairs in partnership with African embassies in Ireland and local authorities around the country.

Africa Day has a strong tradition of being celebrated in Monaghan, with 2024 seeing two large events being organised in County Monaghan. An event titled “Strength in Diversity “ will be held on Thursday 23rd May from 6pm to 9pm at the Íontas Centre in Castleblayney. The event, which is being organised by LINC Society Ltd, will have an array of entertainment on offer including African Dance, henna design making workshop, a Cultural Exhibition and African food.

The second event to mark Africa Day 2023 will take place on Saturday 25th May at Teach na nDaoine Family Resource Centre, with activities commencing at 2pm. The event will include African music, dance, food and traditional dress.

Commenting, Cathaoirleach of Monaghan County Council Cllr. David Maxwell, said: “I am delighted that Monaghan is celebrating Africa Day once again. Africa Day showcases the range of positive relationships that exist between Ireland and Africa and the importance of our strong and effective partnerships. African people have made a hugely positive impact on their communities and on Irish society. I would like to commend both Monaghan County Council and Irish Aid for their role in this worthy initiative.

I would also encourage people to come along to the events in Castleblayney on May 23rd and in Monaghan on May 25th to join in the celebrations. Finally, I would like to acknowledge the contribution of the two organisers, LINC Society Ltd. and Teach na Daoine who continue to do so much to celebrate all that is great about African cultures and traditions in Monaghan”.

This year will see Ireland’s largest-ever Africa Day programme, with events being held nationwide, with the largest event being planned at the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham, Dublin.

Minister for International Development and Diaspora, Sean Fleming TD, said: “I am delighted to launch the programme for Africa Day 2024. Ireland has growing trade, political and cultural links across the continent of Africa. Africa Day is an opportunity to promote those links and learn more about the diversity and vibrancy of African cultures. The Department of Foreign Affairs is delighted to work with local authorities around Ireland, including Monaghan,  on a nationwide programme of events.

For more information visit and Monaghan County Council’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Contact: Barry Eaton, Monaghan County Council. Tel: 086 3134557.

Increased Cost of Business grant – deadline extended to 29th May 2024

LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER – Increased Cost of Business (ICOB) has re-opened with a closing date of 29th May, 2024

  • If you are in rate arrears engage with your Local Authority as you may be eligible for the grant
  • If you do not have your ID or PIN number contact your Local Authority
  • Retail and Hospitality Businesses are now entitled to a second payment for approved businesses and a double payment for new registrations?


As part of Budget 2024, the government signed off on a package of €257 million for the Increased Cost of Business (ICOB) grant as a vital measure for small and medium businesses. Local authorities, funded through the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE), will manage the rollout of the grant to qualifying businesses.

Local authorities have written to rate payers with details of registration.

If you do not have your ID and PIN number you should contact your rates section in your Local Authority as soon as possible


Eligible businesses will receive a once-off grant payment as a contribution towards the rising costs faced by businesses. It is not a Commercial Rates waiver and businesses should continue to pay their Commercial Rates bill as normal.

The grant is based on the value of the Commercial Rates bill received by an eligible business in 2023.

For qualifying businesses with a 2023 Commercial Rate bill of less than €10,000, the ICOB grant will be paid at a rate of 50% of the business’s Commercial Rate bill for 2023.

For qualifying businesses with a 2023 Commercial Rate bill of between €10,000 and €30,000, the ICOB grant will be €5,000.

Businesses with a 2023 Commercial Rates bill greater than €30,000 are not eligible to receive an ICOB grant.

Businesses in the Retail and Hospitality Sectors are entitled to a second payment for approved businesses and a double payment for new registrations.


The closing date is now 29th May 2024, REGISTER NOW on

For more information and registration visit

Clones Home of the Ulster Final

Ulster Senior Football Championship Final.  Armagh V Donegal – St. Tiernach’s Park Clones, 4pm Sunday May 12th #cloneshomeofulsterfootball

  • Pre-Match Entertainment 12pm to 3pm
  • Live Outdoor Music
  • Street Food Vendors
  • Family Friendly, Face Painting, Arts & Crafts


Clones will host the 136th Ulster Senior Football Championship Final on Sunday May 12th, throw-in at 4pm.  Monaghan County Council in partnership with Clones Town Team and Clones St. Tiernach’s GAA Club are hosting pre-match entertainment on Ulster Final Day, commencing at 12pm and running until 3pm.

Live outdoor music will be located on The Diamond with street food vendors throughout the town. A family friendly zone will be located in Barry McGuigan Park with local artists in attendance for face painting & arts activities for the kiddies.  The park will also have live music, a food vendor, and public toilets.

Match goers will enjoy great food and friendly service as they experience the famous Clones pre-match atmosphere #cloneshomeofulsterfootball

Map of Clones