Any vehicle body type 30 years old from date of manufacture qualifies as vintage on which a concessionary rate of motor tax can apply.

Changing the taxation class on any vehicle eligible for Vintage classification, requires a declaration on application form RF111 (change of particulars)
and the submission of the old VRC (Vehicle registration Cert) where available.
If a pre1993 Registration (Log) Book is available the book will be updated with New Owner and returned.

Other considerations:
Where the vehicle has been acquired without the appropriate registration documentation the new owner should:

• A) If NOT the registered owner. Submit a completed Statutory Declaration. This form can be obtained by contacting the local Motor Tax or
• B) If registered as owner but has no VRC or Tax Book, complete an RF134 application and submit with €12.00 fee for a replacement Registration (Log) Book or
• If the year of manufacture or registration date is not on National Vehicle and Driver Licensing File or on the Monaghan or other County Motor Taxation archives, the Manufacturer or agent should certify the year of manufacture on headed paper. This involves registering for a new Registration number, the point of contact now changing to Revenue.


1. Vintage Goods Vehicles
Vintage trucks first registered prior to 1st January 1980 which are being used solely for non-commercial purposes will not require roadworthiness testing.
Vehicles between 30 and 40 years of age (used for non-commercial purposes) will be required to undergo compulsory roadworthiness testing biennially (every 2 years) instead of annually.
Any vehicle 40 years or older will not require a test. Vintage vehicles used for commercial purposes will continue to undergo annual roadworthiness testing.

2. Passenger Cars
Private cars registered post 1st January 1980 that are over 30 years old, but less than 40, requirement a compulsory NCT to be reduced to a biennial test i.e. every 2 years
From January 2020 onwards, any vehicle 40 years or older will not require a test

3. Camper Vans
There is no test required on pre1980 Motor Homes/Motor Caravans.