Application Forms

Abnormal Load Permit

Daily & Annual Abnormal Load Permit (MS Word Doc.)

Facility Information Sign

Facility Information Signs Application Form & Guidelines 2022 (MS Word)

Application For Permit For Exemption of Restrictions or Prohibitions Of HGVs on Designated Public Roads Maintained by Monaghan County Council.

Application For Permit For Exemption Of Restrictions Or Prohibitions Of HGVs On Designated Public Roads Maintained By Monaghan County Council (MS Word)

Carrickmacross HGV Restriction (PDF)

Road Opening Licenses

A Road Opening Licence is required to open a public road, footpath or grass verge to carry out any of the following:

  • Water/Sewer Connections
  • Lowering of footpaths
  • Footpath reconstruction
  • Pipelaying etc


How To Apply

Road Opening Licence applications must be made through the online MRL System (MapRoad Roadworks Licensing) at www.RMO.IE

Data Protection

Abnormal Load Permit Data Subject Notification

Road Opening Licence Data Subject Notification