Arts Partnership Funding Scheme 2018

Arts Partners Grants Scheme is set up to allocate direct grant assistance to Arts venues, arts organisations & arts festivals deemed to be of strategic importance to the arts environment within the county.

‘Monaghan Co. Council, in conjunction with the Arts Council, is committed to developing a sustainable network of arts organisations, companies, festivals and venues, presenting and promoting professional arts work so that the public can enjoy a wide range of excellent arts experiences both as audiences and engaged participants.’ MCC Arts Policy 2016-2020.

‘In order to assist them in developing good practice in audience development and public engagement and to encourage arts organisations to commission new work, to experiment with co-productions and to engage directly with artists in the development of their annual programmes and to ensure that investment is strategic and sustainable. MCC Arts Policy.

You can download an application form in MS Word Format here >> or have one emailed to you by request to or by simply calling 047 38162 to have an application form posted to you.

Is Féidir leat an t-iarratas a líonadh amach trí ghaeilge mas fearr leat.

The Arts Office, Monaghan County Council, The Market House, Monaghan Town.

Closing date 1st February 2018

Data Protection

Arts Partnership Grant

Patrick Kavanagh 50th Anniversary Graveside Commemoration

Kavanagh 50th A graveside Tribute
Kavanagh 50th A graveside Tribute

The Patrick Kavanagh Centre & Monaghan County Council presented a graveside tribute to poet and writer Patrick Kavanagh featuring a number of well known poets and writers from across county Monaghan and beyond.

Patrick Kavanagh was born in County Monaghan in 1904. He died on 30th November 1967, and is buried at the former St. Mary’s Church, Inniskeen, now home to the Patrick Kavanagh Resource Centre.

To mark the 50th anniversary of his death, at noon on Thursday November 30th, a cast of Ireland’s finest living writers and poets gathered at his graveside to deliver a spine-tingling recital ten of Kavanagh’s best-loved works.

You can view this very special tribute via the link below:

For detailed coverage of the event nationally, please click on the articles below:



Culture and Creativity in County Monaghan

Monaghan is a county historically steeped in cultural heritage and industry. It is renowned for its cultural and creative activity, with a wealth of vibrant heritage, arts and culture opportunities for everyone to learn and engage with.

Creative Ireland Programme 

The Creative Ireland Programme is an invitation to the entire country to get involved in something truly inspirational. At its heart is collaboration – between central and local government, between culture and industry, between artists and policy makers – to facilitate an ecosystem of creativity. The transformational potential of culture was understood by the revolutionary generation. During this year, 2016, as we commemorated the events that led to the foundation of our state, we rediscovered the power of cultural creativity to bring communities together, and to strengthen our sense of identity.

That is why it became obvious that we should build a legacy of 2016 around our cultural heritage. Multiple discussions led to the idea of personal and collective creativity as a policy objective. The best way to nurture the creative imagination is through active engagement with arts and culture. Promoting creativity provides us with a strategy for individual wellbeing, social cohesion and economic success. This all-of-government initiative is an ambitious plan, possibly one of the most important initiatives of our time. it calls on all of us to play a part in placing our rich cultural heritage, and its potential, at the centre of our lives.

It is an initiative that can define us for generations to come. It can redefine our role as a small sovereign republic in a globalised world. It is an important statement to ourselves and to the world. Culture and creativity are the greatest assets of any society. It is our duty to do everything we can to unleash the full creative potential of our people. That is what this initiative is all about.

Creative Ireland subscribes to the values and high-level principles set out in Culture 2025/ Éire Ildánach which aim to:

  • Enrich the lives of everyone through engagement in the cultural life of the nation
  • Create opportunities for increased citizen participation, especially for those currently excluded
  • Encourage ambition, risk, innovation and excellence in the creative and cultural sectors
  • Ensure that culture is seen as a core component of work across Government
  • Recognise and support the cultural contribution of the voluntary sector
  • Ensure the robustness of systems which safeguard and promote Ireland’s cultural heritage
  • Support a thriving Irish language, with vibrant Gaeltacht communities and other language networks
  • Promote Ireland’s culture on the international stage
  • Finance this vision with well-designed funding mechanisms.Creative Ireland is the main implementation vehicle for the priorities identified in that framework policy which seek to:
  • Put culture at the heart of our lives
  • Foster creativity
  • Celebrate our cultural heritage and traditions
  • Recognise the importance of culture to a vibrant society
  • See collaboration as the new norm
  • Emphasise the international dimension

Respond to the digital age.

Creative Ireland defines creativity as a set of innate abilities and learned skills: the capacity of individuals and organisations to transcend accepted ideas and norms and by drawing on imagination to create new ideas that bring additional value to human activity. Culture and creativity are inextricably linked: artists and designers are central to the evolution of a culture of creativity. The artist is the primary interrogator and narrator of our culture: the designer uses the artist’s insights to infuse products, spaces and processes with cultural meaning, distinctiveness and human value.

Creative people are key to the new economy in which the ability to conceptualise is more important than knowledge. Culture and creativity are essential features of an innovative, post-industrial economy.

The Five Pillars of Creative Ireland Cúig Cholún a bhaineann le Éire Ildánach

Pillar 1: Enabling the Creative Potential of Every Child Scód a ligean le Cumas na Cruthaitheachta i ngach Leanbh
Pillar 2: Enabling Creativity in Every Community Bonn a chur faoin gCruthaitheacht i ngach Pobal
Pillar 3: Investing in our Creative and Cultural Infrastructure Infheistíocht in Infreastruchtúr na Cruthaitheachta agus an Chultúir
Pillar 4: Ireland as a Centre of Excellence in Media Production Éire mar Lárionad Barr Feabhais maidir le Léiriúchán na Meán Cruthaitheachta
Pillar 5: Unifying our Global Reputation Clú na hÉireann ar fud an Domhain a thabhairt le chéile

Local authorities have a crucial role in the overall local delivery of the entire Creative Ireland programme and are exclusively mandated, through their culture teams, to deliver Pillar 2: Enabling Creativity in Every Community Bonn a chur faoin gCruthaitheacht i ngach Pobal
The Centenary Programme demonstrated two critically important aspects of local governance: first, local authorities are the primary instruments of community engagement and second, local authorities have a particular capacity for local programme delivery, especially in the context of citizen engagement. The empowerment of local authorities to lead the engagement of citizens with our arts and culture is essential. To make this effective, each local authority will be asked to develop a Culture and Creativity Plan, reflecting the overall structure and aims of the national strategy for culture and creativity.
Each local authority will also establish a Culture Team bringing together arts officers, librarians, heritage officers, archivists and other relevant personnel – thus maximising synergies and focusing attention on the capacity of local authorities to foster and encourage creative activity. The team will report to and be led by a Director of Services. A dedicated budget will be allocated to each Local Authority with the primary objective of citizen engagement with their Culture and Creativity Plans.

Creative Ireland will develop and implement Cruinniú na Cásca, an annual programme of arts activities and cultural reflection over Easter Weekend – nationally, locally, and in the Diaspora. RTÉ will be the core partner for the main national event which will be modelled on the highly successful RTÉ Reflecting the Rising. This initiative will be replicated across the country using the Culture Night model. Local authorities will be the primary delivery mechanism for Cruinniú na Cásca in each county.
Beginning in 2018, Creative Ireland will establish and support an annual County of Culture award, allowing individual counties to showcase their cultural creativity over a 12-month period. Creative Ireland will also establish and support an awards scheme that recognises and rewards Irish-based artists work and seeks to promote them at home and overseas. The Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs and the Department of Social Protection are working together to introduce a new pilot scheme to provide income supports to low-earning artists through the social welfare system.
The Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government, and all of our Local Authorities will be key partners in this pillar.

There are three essential operating principles for Creative Ireland: Collaboration and Communication, Community Empowerment, and Internationalisation.

Creative Ireland Programme

Opinions. Ideas. Thoughts.
What are yours?
Looking forward to seeing you there.

Monaghan Cultural and Creative Plan 2018-2022
During the month of September we are carrying out public consultation into developing a 5 year Cultural and Creative plan for County Monaghan 2018-2022. We would really like to hear your ideas and opinions, so why not drop into one of our workshops as follows:

Date Venue Time
Monday 18th September Carrickmacross Workhouse 7-8.30pm
Tuesday 19th September Clones Library 7-8.30pm
Thursday 20th September Market House, Monaghan 4-5.30pm

If you can’t join us to chat, why not complete our online survey? (Survey open until the 29th September 2017)

Or Email us at

Public Consultations flyer

For more information on Creative Monaghan contact

Culture Night:

What is Culture Night?
Culture Night is an annual all-island public event that celebrates culture, creativity and the arts. On Culture Night, arts and cultural organisations and venues of all shapes and sizes, including the National Cultural institutions, extend their opening hours to allow for increased access to the public. Special and unique events and workshops are specifically programmed at participating locations and everything is available free of charge.
Culture Night has grown from a relatively small scale cultural event staged only in Dublin in 2006 to the significant national cultural event that it now is, with some 350,000 people visiting museums, galleries, historic houses, artists’ studios and cultural centres across the country. The initiative has captured both the public imagination and the enthusiasm of artists and cultural organisations.
Culture Night
Encourages more people to visit cultural venues and experience culture in their locality
Reminds us all about the fantastic cultural facilities and resources that we have locally and nationally
Raises the profile of cultural organisations, activities and facilities
Encourages people to try new things and to get into the habit of going more often to cultural venues and activities in their locality
Makes it easier for people to play a role in their local cultural scene
Helps create a sense of community and belonging
Who makes Culture Night happen?
Culture Night happens because many people share a vision and enthusiasm for enjoying, celebrating and promoting creativity and culture. The following list gives a taste of the wide range of institutions that make it happen across Ireland:
The public, artists, performing groups, galleries, museums, sport clubs, libraries, arts centres, craft workers, studios and workshops, theatres, public spaces, broadcasters, schools, community groups, local authorities, government departments, state agencies and public bodies, transport companies, universities, shops and many more!
Culture Night 2017 will take place on Friday 22nd September 2017 between 5pm and 11pm. Check out our programme of events and follow us on facebook ‘Culture Night Monaghan’. For more information, contact

Culture night programme

Culture and Creativity

Creative Ireland believes we all have a right to participate in the cultural life of the nation. A five-year plan for Monaghan will set out a range of collaborative & imaginative innovations, which will provide opportunities to explore our heritage, arts, culture, and all things creative.
This new initiative is for everybody living in Monaghan and sets out to make creativity and culture a central part of our communities so that we can all benefit from the wellbeing that this brings. It’s based on the principle that creativity (culture and arts) enhances our lives and our County. With this is mind…
We want to know your thoughts.
We would love for you to pop-in to see us and share your ideas at one of our drop-in

Monday 18th September
7pm – 8.30pm
Carrickmacross Workhouse

Tuesday 19th September
Clones Library

Thursday 21st September
Market House, Monaghan

If you can’t join us to chat, why not complete our online survey?
Survey open from 1st to 29th September 2017
Or Email us at

See Full Public Consultations flyer here

Download Creative Ireland Monaghan PDF here


Big Tom Celebrative Statue

Monaghan County Council have formed a committee whom wish to commission an artist to create a figurative bronze sculpture to celebrate the life achievements of Thomas “Big Tom” Mc Bride. This commissioned artwork will create awareness of the achievements of Big Tom and his contribution to Country and Irish Music over his career as a singer, guitarist and saxophone player.

Please click on the link below to read the Artists Brief for this project:

Artists Brief

Arts Projects/ County Arts Partnerships 2016

Administer direct grant assistance to venues, arts organisations and festivals deemed to be of strategy importance to the arts within the county.

Goal 3 planned actions of Arts Policy 2016 – 2020

  • In 2015, €59,000 was awarded under this scheme
  • 10 partners  were asked to submit to this fund, we got 9 returns
  • Budget recommendation for 2016 is €61,000.
  • An increase of 3% on last year
  • Total requested by the applicants in 2016 is €90,076 which up 12.5%
  • 68% of amount requested to be recommended.
  • Total funding received by Arts Partners from the Arts Council is €56,833.


  Recommended for 2016 2015 2016
1 The Garage Theatre €17,000  €17,000
2 Clones Film Festival €8,000 €8,000
3 Castleblayney Iontas Arts Centre €16,000 €16,000
4 Patrick Kavanagh Weekend €9,000 €9,000
5 Castleblayney Drama Festival €2,000 €3,000
6 Féile Patrick Byrne €2,500 €2,500
7 Scoil Cheoil Na Botha €1,500 €2,000
8 Muckno Mania, Castleblayney €1,000 €1,000
9 Carrickmacross Arts Festival €2,000 €2,500


Calling all Music Providers / Music Educators

In preparation for an application to the Music Generation scheme, Cavan and Monaghan Education and Training Board (CMETB) in association with  Cavan and Monaghan County Councils – are seeking the insights of music providers and educators concerning current music provision within the Cavan and Monaghan region.

Recognising that musicians are the essential resource in the delivery of high quality music education, the Music Generation model seeks to forge partnerships with local music educators to ensure the highest quality of performance music education for children and young people. Sponsoring initiatives to encourage musicians to live and work in their locality, it supports the need of musicians to reflect on and improve their professional education and musical practice in order to achieve positive musical outcomes for children/young people.

The input and insights of music providers and music educators are therefore sought during this initial information-gathering phase to chart current vocal/instrumental music education provision within the Cavan and Monaghan region. A short survey (less than 10 minutes) is now available online for completion    Closing date for completion is 5th May 2017 and all responses will be kept strictly confidential.

Thank you in advance for your contribution.

2017 Co-operation with Northern Ireland Scheme

Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs

 2017 Co-operation with Northern Ireland Scheme

  1. Introduction

During 2017, the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs will operate a Scheme of funding support for small self-contained projects which seek to enhance, celebrate or commemorate the artistic, cultural, musical, film or heritage of the Island of Ireland on a North/South basis.

  1. Objective/ Rationale

Funding provided under the Scheme should meet a specific cultural need and should support the Department in the delivery of its objective to nurture and develop Irish artistic and creative talent and enhance arts access, the national cultural institutions, regional arts infrastructure and cultural tourism countrywide, in cooperation with national and local authorities and other partners.

Projects funded under the Scheme must have a clearly demonstrable North/South element and should seek to make a contribution to enhancing, celebrating or commemorating the artistic, cultural, musical, film or heritage of the whole Island of Ireland.

Projects should be creative and innovative and examples of projects which could be considered for funding under the scheme include, but are not limited to, projects which:

  1. Promote co-operation and joint initiatives between organisations and institutions on a North/South basis;
  2. Promote cultural tourism on a North/South basis;
  3. Promote the provision of cultural outreach programmes on a North/South basis.

Please note: the Departmental contribution will not exceed €15,000 for any application. Projects must be completed in full prior to the final drawdown date of 31st October 2017.

  1. Eligibility

The following criteria for eligibility apply:

  1. Applications are invited from bodies, organisations and institutions that operate as not for profit.
  2. Applications involving partnerships or collaborations will be considered for funding under the Scheme.
  3. Only one application per organisation may be submitted.
  4. Capital projects cannot be considered for funding under the Scheme.

It should be noted that funding will not be provided for meals, receptions or such social aspects of any applications.

  1. Applications

Applicants should:

  1. clearly set out the objective, purpose and targeted end result of the proposed project;
  2. demonstrate the extent to which the project meets the objectives of the Scheme with particular reference to the North/South element;
  3. delineate all of the project costs;
  4. confirm that the project is realistic in terms of scale, capacity to deliver, costs, assistance sought and timeframe for delivery;
  5. clearly detail the level of own resources being made available for the project where applicable (see assessment criteria below);
  6. warrant that all representations made in pursuit of the application for funding are accurate and true;
  7. have all the requisite regulatory approvals in place; and
  8. be tax compliant.
  1. Additional requirements

Up-to-date Tax Clearance details.

  1. Assessment

All applications received will be considered and assessed.  The criteria to be used in this regard will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. The extent to which the project meets the objectives of the Scheme;
  2. Whether the project is realistic in terms of scale, costs, assistance sought and timeframe for delivery;
  3. The capacity of the applicant to deliver the project and whether or not there exists a proven track record of high quality, on time and within budget delivery;
  4. The level of own contribution towards the project;
  1. Successful applicants

All successful applicants under the Scheme will receive a letter of offer which will clearly set out the terms and conditions which attach to the funding.  These will include, but not be limited to, the following general terms and conditions (where applicable):

  1. applicants will be required to furnish a report on the project, such that would confirm the implementation and finalisation of the project;
  2. officials from the Department must be allowed suitable access to the project for the purposes of inspection;
  3. the Department’s contribution to the project must be acknowledged on all publicity and publications;
  4. any information in relation to the project required by the Department from time to time must be furnished promptly;
  5. original invoices in respect of all expenditure must be provided together with proof of payment of same;
  6. all records of expenditure and related invoice and papers must be retained for inspection as required by officials or relevant auditors;
  7. in the case of any individual expenditure of over €5,000, the requisite procurement procedures should be followed and evidence of same produced, if required.

The Department reserves the right to revoke any allocation, if suitable progress is not made in advancing the project and/or the terms and conditions of funding are not met

Letters of offer may be for a lesser amount than that sought by the applicant.  All letters of offer must be formally accepted.

  1. Monitoring and follow up

All successful projects will be monitored on an ongoing basis in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the letter of offer. Sufficient information must be made available to satisfy the Department that the project is proceeding and will be completed on time and within agreed costs.

Before final payment will be made, the Department must be satisfied that a report on the project has been received and that sufficient information is to hand to verify that the project has been completed as agreed.

  1. Contact point

All applications for consideration for funding under this scheme should be sent to:-


Ms. Aoife O’Sullivan,

Cultural Schemes Unit,

Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural & Gaeltacht Affairs,

New Road,


Co. Kerry.


Phone: 064-6627384

  1. Deadlines

Applications for consideration for funding under the scheme should be submitted as outlined above no later than the 19th May 2017


Any funds allocated under the Scheme must be drawn down in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the letter of offer no later than the 31st October 2017.

Freedom of Information Act

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2014, details contained in applications and supporting documents may, on request, be released to third parties. If there is information contained in your application which is sensitive, please identify it and provide an explanation as to why it should not be disclosed. If a request to release sensitive information under the legislation is received, you will be consulted before a decision is made whether or not to release the information. However, in the absence of the identification of particular information as sensitive, it may be disclosed without any consultation with you.

Application Form 

Application Form Co – operation with Northern Ireland Funding Scheme 2017

2 Major Capital awards for Monaghan announced this Morning at Cavan Town Hall

By Minister Heather Humphreys ” I am so pleased to announce funding of more than €332K  for two arts and cultural centres in Monaghan.

The funding is being made available as part of the €9 million arts and culture capital scheme, the details of which I announced in Cavan Town Hall this morning.

The Patrick Kavanagh Centre in Inniskeen is being awarded €188,636 to allow for major structural refurbishment of the building, including re-roofing, re-wiring, new public toilets and improvements to the car parking facilities. The Old Post Office in Clones will receive a grant of €144,077 to allow for it to be redeveloped as a arts studio and community hub.”


launch arts 2

In the photo Left to right Cllr Cathy Bennett : Dympna Condra, Tourism Officer MCC : Art Agnew, Patrick Kavanagh Centre, Inniskeen : Minister Heather Humphreys : Fintan McPhillips, Community Development, MCC: Rosaleen Kearney, Patrick Kavanagh Centre, Inniskeen : Joanne Behan Artist & Clones Artist Studios : Eileen Ferguson, Artist & Clones Artist Studios