Attention All Dog Owners

Attention Dog OwnersLambing time will begin soon.

Every year in Monaghan, there are many attacks on sheep by dogs, particularly around lambing time. These attacks cause great cruelty and result in sheep and
lambs dying from their injuries, lambs being aborted, and stock not thriving for fear of further attacks. These attacks result in serious losses for the farmer, including veterinary fees, disposal of dead animals, the value of the dead sheep and lambs, and loss of thrive.

Any dog, large or small, may become involved in attacking sheep – MAKE SURE YOUR DOG DOESN’T GET THE CHANCE!

If you own a dog or dogs, you are required to:

  • Keep your dog under control at all times. This means not allowing your dog off your property unaccompanied.
  • Have a microchip certificate of registration which proves that your dog is microchipped and registered to you. (Required since 2016)
  • Ensure that every dog under your control wears a collar bearing the name and address of the owner at all times and that the name and address are legible.
  • Have a current licence for each dog in your possession or a general dog licence to cover all dogs in your possession.  YOU CAN NOW BUY YOUR DOG LICENCE ONLINE AT   


Brendan Smyth

County Veterinary Officer

12th January 2023