Family Fun Day and Consultation Event

Family Fun Day and Consultation Event

Saturday 1st September 2018, Ballybay Town Park, 2 – 5pm

Monaghan County Council has appointed the Paul Hogarth Company to prepare a Public Realm and Economic Plan for Ballybay. This Plan will deliver a range of benefits for the Community and Council, providing a clear vision for the development of the town in the short, medium and long term. The Plan will ensure that the town of Ballybay is in a strong position to apply for various tranches of funding as they arise over the coming years.

Based on consultation with the Community, County Council and other stakeholders the Plan will provide a clear understanding of the qualities and strengths of Ballybay as it is now and the areas that can be improved. A robust understanding of Ballybay today and how that reflects its historic origins, will inform the development of a vision for the future, which will provide a clear strategy for delivery. The Public Realm Plan will capture a vision for Ballybay, which is distinctively rooted in its sense of place – its people, culture, and heritage.

The Public Realm Plan is being developed through a collaborative process with the Community and Monaghan County Council, with Phase 1 of the public consultation having been held in the Recreational Centre in Ballybay an the 30th April 2018. The plan, now at early draft stage is now being presented for further consultation at the Family Fun Day and Consultation Event being held in Ballybay on the weekend of 1st September 2018.

The information boards displayed at the ‘Fun Day’ are available for viewing on our website. Feedback can also be submitted through our Website at the link below until September 22nd:

Or alternatively  print off the feedback form document, Ballybay Consultation Feedback Form Online complete and send it to Ballybay Civic Centre, Main Street Upper, Ballybay, County Monaghan.

Click here to view the Ballybay FINAL CONSULTATION BOARDS Online >>