Fire Safety Advice Wildland Fire – Gorse Fire – Forest Fire

What is Wildland/Gorse/Forest Fires
– Wildland/Gorse/Forest fires can be described as uncontrolled and unwanted fire in
an area of combustible vegetation that usually starts in rural areas.

Advice for Landowners
– It is an offence to carry out controlled burning of land or vegetation between 1st

March and 31st September of any year.
– Before you consider setting a controlled fire you must consider the following:


  • Is a fire absolutely necessary?
  • Have I confirmed the Forest Fire Danger Warning notice status?
  • Have I checked weather conditions including wind direction?
  • If I start a fire can I stop it?
  • Am I within 1 mile of a woodland or a forest?
  • Is my fire plan thoroughly prepared?
  • Have I sufficient help and equipment to control the planned fire?
  • Is my neighbour’s property safe?
  • Have I notified An Garda Síochána and the Local Authority?
  • Have I notified the Fire Service Regional Control Centre?
  • Have I means of communication should an emergency arise?
  • Have I considered the financial consequences of an uncontrolled fire?

If you answer no to any of the above or have even the slightest doubt about any of
these answers the advice is simple – DO NOT BURN.

Department of Agricultural, Food & Marine
– Go to for more information and current Forest Fire Danger Warnings in effect.
‘Notice to Burn’ Application Forms are available on the Monaghan County Council website
Monaghan Fire & Civil Protection can be contacted on 047-30520 for further information and guidance.

Follow Monaghan Fire & Civil Protection:

STOP stands for: S – Smoke alarms T – Test your smoke alarms weekly O – Obvious dangers P – Plan your escape route

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