Survey of Expressions of Interest for Affordable housing

Monaghan County Council is actively pursuing the development of Affordable Housing over the coming years, under the “Housing for All” Plan.

The Council is now launching an online survey for people who feel they may be eligible to acquire or rent an affordable home from the Council. If you consider that you may qualify as a ‘First Time Buyer’, or ‘Fresh Start Applicant, then you are now invited to complete a short survey on the Council’s website, which should take no more than four minutes to complete.

The Schemes are designed to assist individuals and/or households, who are currently working with medium income brackets, whereby they are not eligible for Social Housing Supports, but who may find it difficult to access sufficient Mortgage funding to allow them to purchase a property on the Open Market.


This survey will close on Friday 23rd June 2023

(This survey is now closed)

This is not an application process for affordable housing. This is a provisional survey only, for the purpose of determining potential levels of interest in the provision of affordable housing across Monaghan County. The Council will use the information gathered under this survey to inform targeted development of future Affordable Housing schemes in the County, which will be advertised through Monaghan County Council media channels as they are developed.

This information is sought by the Housing Department of Monaghan County Council and retained in pursuance of the functions of the Council as a Housing Authority in relation to housing under the Housing Acts 1966-2015 and in relation to Affordable Housing under Part 5 of the Housing ( Miscellaneous Provisions ) Act 2009 and Section 96 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 as amended by provisions within the Affordable Housing Act 2021.

Notes – Important Information 

  • This survey is anonymous and is being used for the purpose of gathering information and determining potential levels of interest on a geographic basis. There will be no follow up correspondence to submissions after the survey is complete.
  • Fresh Start Applicant refers to the fresh start principle in “Housing for All” – An applicant who is divorced or separated that has no interest in the family home, or who has undergone insolvency proceedings is eligible to apply.
  • Cost Rental refers to Council or Approved Housing Bodies (AHB) owned property that is leased to suitably qualified applicants at an affordable rental price that is set below the market rental price in the area, on a fixed & secure long-term tenure.
  • Completion of the assessment does not imply eligibility or convey approval to any future affordable housing scheme operated by Monaghan County Council.
  • Applicants to the scheme will have the option to apply for a loan with a private lending institution.
  • If the applicant is applying for the Local Authority home loan, the current Local Authority Home Loan gross income limits of €75,000 for single applicants or €85,000 for joint applicants apply. This eligibility criteria may change from time to time.   Information is available on
  • The data submitted by you as part of this submission, will be retained in accordance with the retention schedules for as long as the relevant statutory provisions remain in force and that apply and will be used for the following purposes only:
  • The establishment of a record of provisional interest in affordable housing provided by Monaghan County Council
  • The potential onward transfer to the Department of Housing Local Government and Heritage or the Housing Agency as part of any evaluation or approval process associated with affordable housing.

Note: For further information on how to exercise your data protection rights, our data protection policy can be accessed at Privacy Policy for website.pdf The Council’s Data Protection Officer