rentalaccommodationschemeThe Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS) has been available in Monaghan County Council in 2005.

Under the scheme:

  • Monaghan County Council leases property from landlords to rent to people in receipt of Rent Supplement. The leases are for medium to long term use and give the Council exclusive nomination rights to the property – in other words, the Council picks the tenants for the house.
  • The property is used to provide accommodation for those in receipt of Rent Supplement for over 18 months and who have a real, long term housing need which they cannot meet from their own resources.
  • Landlords do not have to collect rent or fill vacancies. The landlord is guaranteed prompt payment of rent in advance from the Council.
  • The scheme gives the tenant an opportunity to live in quality accommodation with the state contributing towards the rent.
  • The tenant enjoys security of tenure and the protections offered by the Private Rented Tenancies Board (PRTB). This makes living in RAS accommodation a realistic and attractive housing choice.
  • For new leases deposits are not required from the tenant, since the local authority has entered into a contract with the landlord.
  • One very important aspect of the scheme for the tenant is that the tenant may take up full-time employment without losing their state rent subsidy.
  • The Tenant pays a weekly rent to the Council under the Differential Rent Scheme. The amount is calculated in accordance with their income.
  • The core principle of RAS is to maintain the relationship between Landlord and Tenant. This means the Landlord is still responsible for insuring, managing and maintaining the property, furnishings, fittings and equipment.
  • The tenant is responsible for insuring their own belongings and keeping the property in the condition in which it was rented.

Monaghan County Council has entered many contracts since the start of the Scheme. Both Landlords and Tenants have expressed their satisfaction with the Scheme and the benefits that they enjoy.

Am I eligible to be a Tenant on the RAS scheme?

To check if you may be eligible to be a tenant on the RAS scheme answer yes or no to the following questions.

Are you in receipt of Rent Supplement under the Supplementary Welfare Scheme?
Have you been in receipt of this payment for over 18 months?
Have you been assessed by Monaghan County Council to have a long term Housing need?
Do you have a right to permanent residence in the state?

Am I eligible to be a Landlord on the RAS scheme?

To check if you would be eligible for to be a Landlord on the RAS scheme answer yes or no to the following questions.

Does your property meet the minimum standards for private rental accommodation as set down by Monaghan County Council?
Are you registered with the Private Rented Tenancies Board (PRTB)?
Are you tax compliant?

For further information, contact:

Rental Accommodation Scheme, Monaghan County Council, Glen Road, Monaghan,.

Telephone: (047) 30528

Further information is available on the Private Residential Tenancies Board Ireland (PRTB) website:

Expression Of Interest Form For Landlords RAS (003)


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