Monaghan County Council Climate Action Plan (LACAP) Pre-Draft Consultation

Monaghan County Council is preparing a Local Authority Climate Action Plan

We’re looking for your input into our Local Authority Climate Action Plan. Help us shape appropriate actions to facilitate and enable effective climate action at a local and community level. Our Plan is currently in draft, and the final version will be adopted by our Elected Members before 23rd February 2024.

Purpose of the Plan:

  • To deliver on national obligations to achieve the National Climate Objective of becoming a Climate Resilient, Biodiversity Rich, Environmentally Sustainable and Carbon Neutral Economy by no later than the end of 2050.
  • To deliver and promote evidence-based and integrated climate action by way of adaptation and mitigation measures, centred around a strong understanding of the role and remit of the local authority on climate action.


Changing Climate

Our climate is changing is line with global trends. We are experiencing warmer temperatures with the past 8 years the hottest on record. As a result of higher average temperatures, we are also experiencing more intense weather events including droughts, storms, heavy rainfall, and stronger winds resulting in higher vulnerability and risk to the impacts of climate change within the local authority area. To tackle climate change, the level of greenhouse gases entering and already in our atmosphere need to be reduced and removed. In addition, we must further increase our resilience to current and future climate change impacts. As part of global and national efforts, we must meet the National Climate Objective 2050. Our Climate Action Plan will set out how the local authority aims to achieve its role within the National Climate Objective over the next 5 years and beyond toward 2050. It will act as a key instrument that strengthens the links between national and international climate policy and the delivery of effective climate action at local and community levels, through place-based climate action.

What will the Climate Action Plan include:

  • Targeted actions for areas where local authorities have full accountability for climate action within their own operations.


  • Actions for where local authorities can influence businesses, communities, and individuals in the delivery of local climate action through the functions and services they provide.


  • Actions for where local authorities can coordinate and facilitate local and community action bringing together stakeholders in partnership to achieve climate action related projects.


  • Actions aligned to the local authority’s role as advocate on climate action through raising awareness, communicating, informing, and engaging in open dialogue on the topic.


  • While the Climate Action Plan will be ambitious to reflect the leadership role of local government on climate action the Plan will not include actions whereby their implementation and achievement fall outside the role, remit, and governance of the local authority.


Process and Timeline for Development of the Climate Action Plan

  1. Local authorities were requested to commence development of their Climate Action Plans on 24th February 2023. The local authority will adhere to the Climate Action & Low Carbon Development (Amendment) Act 2022 and the Local Authority Climate Action Plan Guidelines in developing their Climate Action Plans.
  2. Local authorities will undertake and complete emission baseline inventories and a climate change risk assessment for the local authority area.
  3. The local authority will undertake stakeholder engagement activities to help inform the development of the Plan.
  4. The local authority will develop a draft Climate Action Plan and will undertake a consultation period inviting interesting parties to make a submission to the Plan
  5. The local authority will complete a Strategic Environment Assessment and Appropriate Assessment of the Climate Action Plan.
  6. Each local authority has 12 months to develop and adopt their Climate Action Plan. The Plan must be adopted by its Elected Members before 23rd February 2024.


Have your say!

There are three ways you can have your say to help us shape the actions in the new Climate Action Plan

  1. Complete the short online SURVEY
  2. By email to
  3. By post to: Climate Action section, Environment Department, Monaghan County Council, MTek 1 Building, Knockaconny Monaghan

Completed surveys and submissions can be made up until 12noon on 14th July 2023


How to Write a Helpful Submission

Please write submissions that:

  • Are short and to the point.
  • Are focused on one or more of the key climate themes of interest to you.
  • Include your name and address. (You contact details will not be published)

The content of your submission may be published as part of the plan-making process. At all times Monaghan County Council will comply with GDPR Guidelines


Stay Informed

You can keep updated on the progress of the Climate Action Plan through: