Mains Flushing to Emyvale Public Water Supply

Public Alert: 

Mains Flushing to Emyvale Public Water Supply

Irish Water and Monaghan County Council

Monaghan County Council on behalf of Irish Water wish to advise customers that water Mains Flushing (Scouring) will take place from Tuesday 22nd February 2022 to Thursday 3rd March 2022, on the Emyvale Public Water Supply.

The following areas will be affected: Main Street Emyvale, Drummully, Sruth An Mhuillinn, Scarna Court, Market House Lane, Lake View, Ferndale Heights, Oriel Park, Gort An Chaibleara, Corlattallan, Scarnageeragh, Cornacreeve, Carrigans, Creevelea, Coracrinn and Derryhallagh.

Mains flushing is undertaken to improve the quality of water supplied to our customers. Customers in areas where flushing will take place will notice a temporary discolouration to their water but this discolouration will clear when allowed to run for a few minutes.

Customers may also experience reduced pressure and interruptions to their supply for the duration of these works.

We regret any inconvenience caused.


Peadar Mc Guinness

Head of Water Services

17th February 2022