Monaghan launches a Wetland Network for nature, climate and people

The Monaghan Wetland Network is launching during National Heritage Week, to showcase the importance of wetlands for nature, climate and people.

The purpose of the Monaghan Wetland Network is to safeguard our wetlands through conservation and nature enhancement measures, promoting their biodiversity, cultural, health benefits and values, sharing our experiences and building capacity to protect our wonderful wetland heritage.

Funding is also being made available through Monaghan County Council, via the Monaghan Wetland Action Plan Fund to carry out actions at a Wetland Network sites. The aim of the fund is to incentivise community groups and individual landowners to take positive actions for wetland sites as part of the Monaghan Wetlands Action Plan.  The fund is modest, but it is planned to grow this in subsequent years as the network develops.

The Heritage Office of Monaghan County Council invites people, community groups and landowners to join the County Monaghan Wetland Network.  The Heritage Officer Shirley Clerkin said “We are in a climate and biodiversity crisis, and we need our wetlands as part of a resilient nature to help buffer some of the negative impacts of these changes.  We also need to build understanding and skills about nature and wetlands in the county.  Our recent attitudes study found that 87% of respondents were interested in conserving wetlands.  This network is a response to this need.”

This network is part of the County Monaghan Wetland Action Plan, which is developing a plan to protect, enhance, conserve, and advocate for the biodiversity and heritage of Monaghan’s wetlands.  Monaghan County Council Heritage Office is working alongside Wetlands Surveys Ireland to develop the plan, and a web app to make it easy to identify wetland sites.

How to join the County Monaghan Wetland Network? … you can find out more  and download a booklet on the scheme on the County Monaghan Heritage website by following this link:

This project is being funded by Monaghan County Council Heritage Office ( and the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage under the National Biodiversity Action Plan.

Monaghan Wetlands Booklet (PDF)