New book available: Monaghan’s Wonderful Wetlands

New book available: Monaghan’s Wonderful Wetlands

The first volume in the Monaghan Heritage Series is available to buy in Easons and Rocks, Monaghan town.

Written by Dr. Peter Foss and Shirley Clerkin, it celebrates the natural and cultural heritage of our wetlands, is
beautifully illustrated with photographs, and art by Neal Greig and Barry Quinn. Poetry by Peter Fallon.

Chapters – What is a wetland ? / The importance of wetlands / Types of wetlands in Monaghan / Wetland Plants/
Wetland Wildlife/ Cultural Heritage of Monaghan’s wetlands / Where to see wetlands and wildlife in Monaghan / What you can do to help.

“ A read of Monaghan’s Wonderful Wetlands will open your eyes to a new world of wildlife and wetlands right on your doorstep”, said Shirley Clerkin, co-author and County Heritage Officer.
“The summer months are a perfect time to explore wetland habitats, and to appreciate the wildlife and diversity they offer”.

Funded jointly by the Heritage Council and Monaghan County Council.