Poultry Farming – Fire Safety Advice

Fire Safety Advice
Poultry Houses – Heating – Services – Farming – Commercial

• Building Control Regulations & Building Regulations
– A Commencement Notice is required before commencement of any works.
– Agriculture buildings >1 story must obtain Fire Safety Certificate approval.
– Agriculture buildings >300m² must comply with current Building Regulations.

• Poultry House Health Checks – Identify the building age and age of service installations.
– Regularly/routinely inspect electrical/heating/water installations.
– Have a maintenance/repair strategy and a time period for same.

• Electrical Installations – Visual inspections should be completed annually by a competent person.
– Inspection/testing should be completed every 3 years by a competent person.
– Relevant ET101/IS 10101 certification should be obtained following testing.

• Gas & Biomass Heating Installations
– Heating installations should comply with the relevant Irish Standards.
– Boilers & ancillary equipment should be maintained by a competent person.
– Carbon Monoxide detection & alarm should be provided in wood pellet stores.
– Area around gas tanks should be clear of all combustible material/vegetation.

• Machinery & Storage – Have all machinery regularly serviced by a competent mechanic.
– Have a designated workshop with identified welding/grinding location.
– Store fuels/chemicals separately in approved bunded and labelled containers.
– Know the location of any gas cylinders especially Acetylene/LPG.

• Fire Safety Risk Assessment – Identify hazards including sources of ignition, fuel load and dangerous substances.
– Identify all persons at risk including staff and emergency personnel.
– Evaluate the risks, remove or control to protect identified persons.
– Prepare a safety plan and provide information, instruction and training.
– Review annually or following new work practices/products/machinery.

• General – The locations of all isolation valves should be identified and signed.
– Maintain and clearly identify/sign all Fire-Fighting equipment.
– Secure all access routes to yards/buildings and advise of hazards.
– Know the location of and how to access adequate water supplies.

• Calling 999 / 112 – Speak clearly to the operator and know what is involved in the fire.
– Know your EIRCODE or local landmarks for responding fire crews.
– Send a person to the public road to direct attending appliances.
– Know how to and where to evacuate poultry to in an emergency.

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