Temporary Closing of Road – Municipal District of Ballybay/Clones

Monaghan County Council gives notice of its intention to close the following road in the Municipal District of Ballybay/Clones in County Monaghan:

Date of Closure:              From 21st March 2022 to 21st June 2022 (24 hr closure)

 To Facilitate:                     Windfarm Construction works

 Road Closed:                     LT-62013 for its full length from its junction with the LS6210 & LT62013    


Diversion Routes:

Traffic wishing to travel from the R-189 to the L-6201 shall be diverted from the junction of the L-6210/L-62013 in the Townland of Cornawall by remaining on the L-6210, then turning left on to the L-6201.

Traffic wishing to travel from the Townland of Drumgramph to the R-189 in the Townland of Doohat shall be diverted onto the L-6201, then turning left onto the L-2232, then turning left onto the L-2290 and continuing to the R-189.


Any interested person may lodge an objection to the closing of the above mentioned road with the Head of Roads, Monaghan County Council, MTEK II Building, Knockaconny, Monaghan not later than Tuesday 15th March 2022.  Any objections must be clearly marked on the envelope “Objection To Road Closure”.

If you have any queries concerning this Road Closure, please contact the Municipal District of Ballybay/Clones at 047 57018 or email clones@monaghancoco.ie.

This notice complies with the Roads Act 1993 (Section 75)

Gareth McMahon

A/Senior Engineer

Roads and Transportation

10th March 2022