Forest Fire Danger Rating – Condition Orange – High Fire Risk

Forest Fire- Danger Rating

Condition Orange – High Fire Risk

Warning Effective From 1200hrs 14/07/2022
Effective Period Expires 1200hrs 20/07/2022

Arising from current weather patterns a high fire risk is deemed to exist in all areas where hazardous fuels such as dead grasses and shrub fuels such as heather and gorse exist. A high-pressure ridge currently located to the south west of Ireland will move northwards during the lifespan of this notice and influence Southerly airflows with high air temperatures low to moderate humidity and moderate windspeeds as the weekend progresses.

Members of the public intending to visit forests and other recreational sites are reminded to adhere to regulations regarding fire use. Forest visitors should not use barbeques or open fires at any stage. Vehicles must not be parked at site entrances or impede emergency service access to forest roads.
Fire risk is expected to peak on Sunday, July 17th. Where fires occur, fire behaviour is likely to be influenced by moderate windspeeds in the 15-25kmh region. Higher windspeeds above the critical 30km/h threshold may be experienced in southern areas. Fire behaviour will be
moderated by increased live fuel availability and high live fuel moisture levels in upland areas


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