Local Enterprise Office Monaghan launches the ‘Go Green Climate Action Series’

Energy Crisis – Don’t pass the bill, get a solution!

Business energy costs are escalating with electricity and gas bills expected to go up 27% and 39% next month (Irish Times 15th March 22). Businesses must do something about it, but what?

Short-term energy prices are going to continue to rise and when they eventually stabilise, it will be at a significantly higher level than now. There’s nothing that you can do to avoid this. Most firms are passing on higher output prices to their customers, which is creating competitiveness issues. To bring these unavoidable price increases to an affordable level, businesses need to find a sustainable way to manage consumption, without damaging the workplace experience, whilst maintaining your environmental credentials with your customers and suppliers.

Local Enterprise Office are launching a “Go Green” business series under the Climate Action umbrella. Their first event, taking place on April 7th, will now focus on business solutions that will mitigate the cost of energy.

Paul Murphy from Leading Edge Group will give an overview of Energy Conservation V’s Energy Efficiency and why they are so important on your pathway to reduce business energy bills. He will review what longer term energy solutions are available to businesses if they are interested in reducing energy costs.

 John McEntegart, Head of Enterprise, revealed “The continuing cost of energy as an input cost, will put major pressure on companies’ ability to maintain profitability, with knock-on implications for investment and jobs”.

Eilín Connolly, Acting Senior Enterprise Officer, says “Monaghan LEO are user centric and are reacting to the urgent needs of our local businesses. Given the escalating energy prices, we now want to shift focus on energy and support businesses by giving them expert, independent advice in terms of what medium long-term energy options are available to them”.

This event is the first in a novel Climate Action series that complements the Local Enterprise Office Monaghan’s, Green For Micro and LEAN supports and further increases capacity amongst local businesses. These series of events will range from sector specific to narrow focused topics and themes, and all will have the focus of helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint and decarbonising.

An Cathaoirleach Aidan Campbell will formally launch the Go Green – Climate Action series for businesses, in the Glencarn Hotel April 7th at 2pm.

This will be followed by “Energy Crises- Solutions” with Paul Murphy from Leading Edge. Other events that are planned under the Go Green series include; Retail Going Green, Funding For Your Green Business, Decarbonisation For SME’s; Is It All Hot Air?, and Sustainable Packaging.

Events are open to all business sectors. For more detailed information on the event topics please see  Go Green – Climate Action series